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by Alemarius Nexus
28-10-2019 03:23
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level Delta
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Re: Level Delta

I have been stuck on this level for years. I returned to it every few months for a few days, and whatever I tried, I never got ANYTHING out of it. Found no extra hints except for the obvious ones that all of us find within the first 5 seconds of opening any Notpron level. But all this time I was abs...
by Alemarius Nexus
02-06-2019 12:32
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level MINUS 17
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Re: Level -17

Hey, I have completed this level, but I saw some people here saying they can solve this puzzle in 5 or less moves. Is that really true in the general case? I wrote myself a brute-force program that simply tries all possible sequences of moves (yeah, it's "cheating" but not cheating ), and most of th...
by Alemarius Nexus
29-01-2014 20:13
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level MINUS 34
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Re: Level MINUS 34

Well, I've been stuck in this level for quite some time now, and haven't found much that doesn't tell me that it's useless (I still don't believe I can trust this image...). I notice one or two things, but nothing that pushes me forward. Maybe I can PM someone and get just a small hint as to where I...