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by doomfur
30-10-2015 08:04
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Topic: Level 69
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Re: Level 69

I came here after getting it, just to see if anyone ACTUALLY needed a hint. I'm glad I was not disappointed. :D
by doomfur
30-10-2015 06:53
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level 65
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Re: Level 65

Took me a little while, but like the first post said, the title of the page tells you everything you need. You must fail in order to proceed.
by doomfur
27-10-2015 09:42
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level 61
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Re: Level 61

So, I just reached 62. However, after reading through the posts in this thread, I clearly skipped a step. I never acquired the username and password for the login, or accessed any emails. My method involved using a previously-acquired plugin to batch download all the linked images, and then looking ...
by doomfur
27-10-2015 02:06
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level 59
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Re: Level 59

Just got it. As soon as you stop thinking romantically and start thinking practically, you will understand what the poem is talking about. One of the pictures in particular is what tipped me off, if you think more literally.