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by candlelight
05-08-2016 16:57
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Topic: Level 7
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Re: Level 7

in the url after the last / and before the .htm
by candlelight
24-07-2016 20:05
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level 20
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Re: Level 20

if you mean 'don't mind the lead/pb' then i don't get it either /other than lead/pb is important for some future level/
if not, you can pm me
by candlelight
17-07-2016 23:53
Forum: Levels
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Re: Level 37

sillymel, i guess amh will see your pm before he reads this post)
by candlelight
07-07-2016 00:40
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level 34
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Re: Level 34

bensioua wrote:so i tried an answer inspired from that rammstein song

and i got the 'du bist so schlau' message :p


are we dealing with a kind of rebus in this lvl?