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by n21lv
09-09-2016 22:11
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frkyjenn wrote:No, there are no mistakes. Why don't you pm me and tell me what you have.
Actually, there is a mistake. I tried solving the riddle using the thing in a correct form -- didn't work. Then I decided to try using the incorrect form and it led me to lvl 80.
This riddle should be fixed.
by n21lv
08-09-2016 16:33
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Re: Level 64

Funny one :D
Saying things about what you see might not be as helpful as asking your uncle :)
by n21lv
08-09-2016 11:44
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Re: Level 61

Couldn't believe that after so many years the site would be still online =D
Anyway, just wanted to say that lvl 3 hint is not helpful at all!