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by shinwa
14-02-2019 00:29
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level MINUS 16
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Re: Level MINUS 16

This one was really cool to solve! Simple and also funny :D
by shinwa
13-02-2019 04:06
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level MINUS 15
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Re: Level MINUS 15

There's a combination of less than 41 numbers that also gives the correct the answer. Strange 0_0
by shinwa
07-02-2019 18:45
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level 81
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Re: Level 81

I found the file in just 10 seconds, but took me a few hours to see the answer. Really creative! :D
by shinwa
30-01-2019 04:57
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level 72
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Re: Level 72

I had to comment on this one... Really loved it! Definitely one of my favorites. I totally agree with what smallwanderer said. Just print it, cut and then start playing with the red and blue lines. You'll eventually figure out what they mean and after that it's pretty straightforward. Just pay atten...
by shinwa
18-05-2018 04:55
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level 59
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Re: Level 59

Gosh... I finally figured that out after months! It's so painful when you realize it was so goddamn easy.