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by Focs282
24-07-2018 01:41
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Topic: Level 58
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Re: Level 58

Help me guys
Like, i am betwen level 57 and 58 (OK), and there is a *bleep, is this normal??
And, other thing: in the level 58 all the html codes are written in capital letters an on the 57 they are not, but psmdpimdpiamdpasim
you know
by Focs282
18-07-2018 23:33
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level 44
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Re: Level 44

notpronhi wrote:To the people stuck on this lvl - It's a hint, not exactly a spoiler ---- ----- ----- ------------------------> :o (((((another direction))))) :o
help me please, someone dm me, just to se if what i am doing it's, like, i the right way
by Focs282
18-01-2018 02:57
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level 32
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Re: Level 32

i figured out something, but I don´t know if i´m going to the right direction (as many people here hahaha). Someone can pm me and help???? Pleassee. I will love whoever do this for me

solved, thanks