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by Pedantic
04-07-2018 04:11
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Topic: Level 35
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Re: Level 35

Sort of reminds me of a song.
by Pedantic
28-06-2018 06:16
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level 34
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Re: Level 34

Oh, that's why it called me smart.

Huh, wasn't even on this level... weird.

I mean that I'm weird, of course.
by Pedantic
28-06-2018 06:05
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level 33
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Re: Level 33

Why do people keep telling me I'm smart, anyhow?
by Pedantic
28-06-2018 05:43
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Re: Level 31

That one was interesting.

Thanks for the learning experience!
by Pedantic
13-06-2018 04:08
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Re: Level 23

If all else fails, why not zoom in with a real-life magnifying glass?

Aside from the fact that none of us has such a thing these days.
by Pedantic
08-06-2018 09:28
Forum: Levels
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Re: Level 18

amh wrote:
adrianjch wrote:I'm still stuck at this level :(
I don't know what i have to do with that sound. I listen 8 things, not 4.
They repeat.
True, if you know them well.
I can see how someone less familiar with these 'things' might think they are more than four.

Fun times. Nice references in this level.
by Pedantic
07-06-2018 06:27
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Topic: Level 12
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Re: Level 12

@aomikki, I think so, if you're seeing what I think you're seeing.

I didn't notice it when doing cross-view, perhaps my eyes are just that bad?
by Pedantic
07-06-2018 05:39
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Topic: Level 11
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Re: Level 11

Having found the solution, i'm shocked. Shocked!
But does that say more about the puzzle, or about me?
by Pedantic
06-06-2018 22:02
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Topic: Level 6
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Re: Level 6

I don't want to spoil anything, but I do want to help.

Keep looking, there might be something that you didn't see at first.
I know I didn't.