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by tomatao
06-10-2019 00:46
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level Kappa
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Re: Level Kappa

can someone just say ''right'' or ''wrong'' to what I have? I strongly believe in it, but I must be missing something... Im in a kind of limbo about this, while I can't make any progress from it, it looks too good to be discarded...
by tomatao
15-07-2019 08:42
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level MINUS 40
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Re: Level MINUS 40

is the egg also a hint? I found something thanks to it, but maybe it is just the egg inside the egg ._.
by tomatao
11-07-2019 22:14
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level MINUS 35
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Re: Level MINUS 35

Can anybody check what I have? I was sure I had all the “things”, but I can’t form anything with them
by tomatao
17-06-2019 03:43
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level MINUS 34
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Re: Level MINUS 34

Some may ask: “What is the “button?”

The Button is Everything! All that once was and all that will be! The Button controls Time and Space, Love and Death!!!
The Button can see into your mind
by tomatao
25-05-2019 16:35
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level MINUS 29
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Re: Level MINUS 29

I have no idea on what to do. I have some things, but most of them seem to be useless. any help? :(
by tomatao
13-02-2019 02:22
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level MINUS 14
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Re: Level MINUS 14

This level really should have a little clue at the end for those of us that use macs (or a non-windows based comp). Just a tiny one like there was at the end of level -10. If you did it correctly, it wouldn't be giving anything away. I did everything right and I'm sitting here wondering if I went d...
by tomatao
03-02-2019 07:33
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level 78
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Re: Level 78

actually, you don't need the music
by tomatao
03-02-2019 07:26
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level 11
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Re: Level 11

reznor wrote:I have to edit the image?
no, you don't
by tomatao
03-02-2019 07:25
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level MINUS 13
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Re: Level MINUS 13

Why do ''pop'' has so many meanings in english??? I can't make sense of the title with any of them 0_0
I suppose that I have to give it an ending, but since I can't understand it, this is being very hard :|
by tomatao
20-12-2018 03:18
Forum: Notpron
Topic: Ainda tem Brasileiro aqui?
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Re: Ainda tem Brasileiro aqui?

alguém pode me ajudar com o 81? Acho que estou fazendo algo errado 0_0
by tomatao
05-12-2018 06:31
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level 81
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Re: Level 81

Is the ''under the nose'' thing in the level screen or it is in this so called file that I cannot find? Anyway, I have a small idea about the source code thing, but nothing more.
by tomatao
04-12-2018 22:19
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level 79
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Re: Level 79

lukasdor wrote:Solved 4 of the 7 riddles. Stuck on last 3.
I'm actually already in Level 80 but want to solve all riddles.
Can I PM someone with my dilemma?
same here. I think that I am close to solve my last three (unnecessary ones)
also, I don't understand what the ''no mistakes'' mean, as I hadn't used them.
by tomatao
01-12-2018 07:35
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level 74
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Re: Level 74

ok, I'll need help. Can I pm someone?
by tomatao
20-11-2018 02:32
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level 74
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Re: Level 74

so, I think I have something, but I am not doing well in developing it. Maybe it's just a huge coincidence. Can I pm someone?
by tomatao
06-11-2018 19:10
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level 70
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Re: Level 70

passed. it was exactly how you said, I knew that, but language and culture were small obstacles. thank you