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by sophistic4t3d
17-06-2020 22:48
Forum: Notpron
Topic: Poll: What's your favourite levels + reasons?
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Re: Poll: What's your favourite levels + reasons?

72 was really fun cause it was really out of the box and also because it was a quick and easy level for me due to one of my hobbies :D
by sophistic4t3d
07-06-2020 22:02
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level Nu (Real)
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Re: Level Nu (Real)

Well, I tried, let's see if I can pass :D
by sophistic4t3d
07-06-2020 17:49
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level Lambda *NEW*
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Re: Level Lambda *NEW*

I can't believe it, I finally managed to solve the level I've heard legends about.
I agree with the statement that it's just an easy riddle with hints taken out, and once you know what to do, there's also one confusing part that I think could've been improved.
by sophistic4t3d
15-10-2019 11:26
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level MINUS 15
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Re: Level MINUS 15

I got 41 numbers in lots and lots of ways but none of the sums worked. Perhaps my methods are a little bit "thinking too complex".