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by fiofi
27-01-2020 20:22
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level Thêta
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Re: Level Thêta

F&A wrote:
27-01-2020 19:53
someone can help me?? stuck in this :(
pm me.
by fiofi
21-01-2020 14:16
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level Lambda *NEW*
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Re: Level Lambda *NEW*

k0utz wrote:
21-01-2020 13:58
Someone who can tell me if I'm on the right track?
sure pm me! :)
by fiofi
18-01-2020 20:07
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level Beta
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Re: Level Beta

Nick_Sync wrote:
18-01-2020 18:19
I Reach Level Beta, i think i make what i'm suppost to do, but im not sure if thats right, the level have almost nothing.
Can i PM just to see if i'm on the right track?
pm me.
by fiofi
15-01-2020 15:23
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level 8
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Re: Level 8

No, amh didn't read your massage yet.
by fiofi
12-01-2020 16:26
Forum: Notpron
Topic: Poll: What's your favourite levels + reasons?
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Re: Poll: What's your favourite levels + reasons?

Eta, the idea. Just wow.
by fiofi
29-11-2019 15:28
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level Gamma
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Re: Level Gamma

k0utz wrote:
28-11-2019 22:53
Hey guys!
So, I already got this level. But still I would like to talk to someone about this level. It's possible?
sure you can talk to me :D
by fiofi
15-11-2019 22:27
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level 81
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Re: Level 81

MatePol wrote:
15-11-2019 22:01
can I pm someone with what I have?
sure pm me
by fiofi
15-11-2019 20:43
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level Gamma
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Re: Level Gamma

iamgod wrote:
15-11-2019 20:08
I can't find a single l#####, and I have no idea what they will look like. Pixel sized? Transparent? I don't know anything. It makes me sad. I'm sad. I'm the opposite of happy.
feel free to pm me
by fiofi
11-11-2019 14:05
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level 76
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Re: Level 76

groma29 wrote:
11-11-2019 13:53
I'm stuck. I'm sure I get the right UN/PW but I can't get to the next level.
Can I PM someone?
sure,pm me
by fiofi
08-11-2019 19:48
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level 27-29
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Re: Level 27-29

zonna wrote:
08-11-2019 19:43
uhh... is the level 27 supposed to be only an image that we have to take from the ZIPPER level, or what?
pm me :)
by fiofi
07-11-2019 18:29
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level Gamma
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Re: Level Gamma

fiofi wrote:
26-09-2019 18:59
stuck :C can i pm someone? I dont even know im on the right direction ;c
finally... really tough one
by fiofi
26-10-2019 12:48
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level 82
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Re: Level 82

canyadigit wrote:
26-10-2019 11:21
According to amh's post, is the answer something to do with level 3 then?
pm me if u want :)
by fiofi
22-10-2019 16:29
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level 30
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Re: Level 30

chronos55 wrote:
22-10-2019 16:28
I got stuck in this level for months, is there someone that could discuss with me if im on the right way?
sure you can pm me :)
by fiofi
19-10-2019 12:04
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level MINUS 11
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Re: Level MINUS 11

Rhanyx wrote:
19-10-2019 09:42
Hi, i'm struggling with this level because i've pretty much tried every single word related to what i see in the image and it's just not working, could i pm someone to know if i'm on the right track? thx in advance
pm me!
by fiofi
18-10-2019 15:07
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level 36
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Re: Level 36

echoesAML wrote:
17-10-2019 23:00
I have no idea what to do, can i PM someone?
pm me