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by kil69
10-12-2019 20:12
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level 44
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Re: Level 44

Nice one :)

For me, source code hint was the most helpful. I don't see too much with "tiling" here :P
by kil69
01-12-2019 11:40
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level 30
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Re: Level 30

what the hell are this pictures? "david1/2/3/4"??? I dont realy know what are you talking about. And that weird rabbit/hand/y/??? in the *** ??? I am suposed to find letters in the photos, like in the "devil home" level? No. You will not find answer in lvl 30. That why you have to leave this level,...
by kil69
30-11-2019 10:46
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level 37
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Re: Level 37

You can PM.
by kil69
20-11-2019 01:30
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level 27-29
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Re: Level 27-29

you make me laugh with this one (three) ;}
by kil69
11-11-2019 19:22
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level 17
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Re: Level 17

3 dead end and got it but...why? it I'm confused... no wtf just why?
by kil69
02-11-2019 20:42
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level 12
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Re: Level 12

Anyone can help me by PM how har Im from correct answer?