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by frkygeoff
30-10-2020 00:56
Forum: Notpron
Topic: Major changes to notpron and its ending
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Re: Major changes to notpron and its ending

Thank you so much David for your time with Notpron! And I'm glad you held it out this long, because without Notpron the way it was back in March of 2020, I wouldn't have tried this riddle at all, which has brought me so much joy, taught me a new and creative way of thinking and approaching life, and...
by frkygeoff
19-10-2020 06:22
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level Lambda *NEW*
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Re: Level Lambda *NEW*

Holy shit! What an awesome conclusion :,) just challenging enough, but I think this is a perfect level to end off pre-Nu Notpron. Fingers crossed I get a target, as it appears the dusk of Nu is soon upon us, sadly. Thanks so much David for the lifechanging and one-of-a-kind experience! I will likely...
by frkygeoff
18-10-2020 09:26
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level Gamma
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Re: Level Gamma

WOW. After an emotional few days, I've finally solved gamma :,) Tip for people stuck on it: I don't necessarily agree that the first process that comes to mind will likely be the correct one. But never doubt any process you come up with unless you can guarantee it's false. Same goes for lots of leve...
by frkygeoff
14-10-2020 20:40
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level Beta
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Re: Level Beta

Got this one fairly quickly, only because I had thought of this concept for my own personal riddle before reaching Beta haha. GG David! Very clever.
by frkygeoff
09-10-2020 04:27
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level 21
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Re: Level 21

stuck in notpr0n wrote: 08-10-2020 15:08 help!
Feel free to PM me if you still need it :)

Update: It appears it didn't take them too long to get it after posting, so gg!
by frkygeoff
15-09-2020 06:07
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level MINUS 36
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Re: Level MINUS 36

by frkygeoff
25-08-2020 16:41
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level MINUS 28
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Re: Level MINUS 28

hmmmm... I think I'm onto something... wish me luck! I'll apparently need it haha

Edit: Got it the other day, this one's super fun!