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by maxc
18-04-2020 17:03
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level Nu (Real)
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Re: Level Nu (Real)

Notpron officially finished! I will remember 17.04.2020 forever. Thank you for all help I received from you. Best people: Nightfall, Aneurysm, Tjforys who showed me notpron and was doing it with me (< - - - They're also from Poland <3), r0g3r, amh and weaver. Love ya guys, you all! Also thank you sz...
by maxc
16-04-2020 04:12
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level Kappa
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Re: Level Kappa

First thing to do? Use the lucky posting power. Also congrats amh on 1000 posts!
by maxc
15-04-2020 21:47
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level Êta
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Re: Level Êta

Let the power of posting help me. It looks so easy, so maybe few minutes after posting will do it!
by maxc
15-04-2020 00:21
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level Delta
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Re: Level Delta

I see... I don't see. That's why I am writing here! Because maybe after I write here... something will happen, something will change. Edit 1: Nothing yet. Just sometimes connection being throttled for bruteforcing . :D Need to start thinking in different way... before i start pulling my hair out my ...
by maxc
13-04-2020 00:23
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level MINUS 41
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Re: Level MINUS 41

Is this level no maths? Like literally no even adding and subtraction?
by maxc
12-04-2020 13:29
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level MINUS 40
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Re: Level MINUS 40

Can i pm someone with this one? I think that i am getting somewhere but i don't know is it a right track.
Nvm... Solved it.