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by FunkyGibber
25-04-2012 01:44
Forum: Death Ball Maps
Topic: DB Map Ice Demon
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Re: DB Map Ice Demon

It's been a good few years since I made this map and I happened across this post purely by chance. I'd just like to say thanks to everyone who played Ice Demon and enjoyed it. I'm glad I gave you all a map you enjoyed...kinda the whole point I made it tbh. Amazing to know that people STILL play this...
by FunkyGibber
01-07-2003 00:08
Forum: Death Ball
Topic: Server problems?
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Server problems?

Is anyone else experiencing problems finding servers for v1.7? I set up a server of my own, and my mate couldn't find my server on the browser...had to join the game through his buddy list. Since downloading this version, I have yet to see anyone playing 1.7

Any ideas?