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by xpenguine
31-08-2006 11:47
Forum: Notpron
Topic: What are notpr0ners like?
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Something about me ;) How would you describe your personality? Very stubborn, always tries everything to get what she wants; if you know what makes her lose her temper, it's very easy to drive her mad. But I'm not so bad, If I'm calm, glad and no one really annoys me, I'm very nice (I believe so ;))...
by xpenguine
12-08-2006 10:06
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level 81
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im still stuck :( i think im looking at it with the right program but im just not seeing what i should be seeing. any help? Try something else :) Before I did so (I think I was using the same one as you), i had no idea at all ;) the answer was so unexpected for me, just like someone said - under my...