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by Dr Strangelove
11-12-2010 20:07
Forum: Notpron
Topic: History of Online Riddles ?
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History of Online Riddles ?

Hi, I am writing an essay about notpron, and I was wondering if anybody could tell me a bit more on the history of online riddles. Notpron was inspired by thisisnotporn, but was there anything before that? Notpron has also inspired a great number of new riddles, but is any of them popular/entertaini...
by Dr Strangelove
06-08-2010 19:50
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level MINUS 34
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Re: Level MINUS 34

To all of you out there stuck on this level, don't give up.I finally did it today, and my last level progress (from -33 to -34) was in august of 2008. Two years of coming back once in a while to have another go at it. Convinced one day it would be solved. And that day is today. It's an amazing feeli...
by Dr Strangelove
10-05-2006 23:29
Forum: Notpron
Topic: Fear Country
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Ehr... how do you turn that thing off in level 4 ?! I've looked for it on the internet, but the only thing I found was the possibilty to download an application for Mozilla's Thunderbird so that you can turn it on or off... But eh, I don't really need to download that to get past this level, do I? ....