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by sandbagger
03-06-2006 16:06
Forum: Notpron
Topic: Does anyone else find this "DavidM" really cute?
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do german women like canadian men? a canadian friend of mine is currently residing in germany.......

don't think canadian women like irish men though, my friends didnt have too much luck in love in vancouver last year!!
by sandbagger
02-05-2006 00:44
Forum: Notpron
Topic: Hall of Shame (don't cheat, or you'll be in there)
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how do you know if someone cheats??
by sandbagger
30-04-2006 22:45
Forum: Notpron
Topic: Poll: What's your favourite levels + reasons?
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i'm only on 12, and im completely lost on it, I can't see properly after crossing my eyes so much!!!!!!
i liked 8, 10, 6, most of the ones ive done really, i'll come back to this when ive done more