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by RBX
28-05-2009 08:53
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Topic: Level 38
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Well, I know where the symbols are from and I found them - but now I can't find a correlation between them which could lead to a 4th.
Do I need the ENGLISH version of this IM?

EDIT: solved ; )
by RBX
25-07-2006 12:24
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Topic: Show me your...
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that's my one :D, my younger brother painted this picture a few years ago with "paint", and it is almost as long on my desktop ;)
by RBX
06-07-2006 14:34
Forum: Notpron
Topic: Hall of Shame (don't cheat, or you'll be in there)
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I don't understand these "instructions" for the hall of shame -> I've got no idea how you recognized these players as cheaters

e.g. I want to know what the keyword does mean

could s.o. please explain it to me ::Pfffff::