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by zowiee
28-03-2008 11:30
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Does the source lie?
by zowiee
25-03-2008 12:22
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Just 2 questions:

- Are those sunflowers?
- Is the meaning of "pop" important? Because i'm not sure what it means here...

Hope i didn't post a spoiler
by zowiee
10-03-2008 14:02
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just did
by zowiee
07-03-2008 13:51
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Does the title have anything to do with what we are supposed to "adjust"?

Edit: NVM. I just got it. Cool
by zowiee
28-02-2008 17:27
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Some of you guys are really good, lucky or something else i can't say right now...

I'll just keep on thinking because it just seems (for now) that there is nothing more that dang tiny file can tell me...