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by k05pf
03-10-2011 13:43
Forum: Death Ball
Topic: 4 years later..
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Re: 4 years later..

Just like the rest of you I can't believe the Deathball community is still alive and kicking. I am not sure anyone remembers me but I loved to play with 3dg|rr and of course all the other clans too.
by k05pf
27-12-2008 18:34
Forum: Death Ball
Topic: Is anyone alive?
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still alive and playing left4dead ... steam ID: k05pf
by k05pf
06-12-2006 23:30
Forum: Death Ball Clans
Topic: 3dg braucht wieder members!!!!!!
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Hi :) I still have my account saved as [3dg|rr]k05pf so maybe you still remember me. I am from vienna, austria and played deathball from hour1 on. I would love to get into deathball again with 3dg|rr in a pro league. have to check the forum first to see whats the current status of the deathball comm...