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by Chronon
23-05-2014 02:37
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level Êta
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Re: Level Êta

PM me with your thoughts
by Chronon
11-05-2009 04:41
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level MINUS 38
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davidm really needs to put a different level in this one's place. it's just kind of retarded and it makes the creator look lazy to just simply... not have a level -38.

it wouldn't even have to be a hard or worthwhile level, there just really needs to be something there.
by Chronon
19-03-2009 06:50
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level MINUS 29
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if you just guessed the URL (which I guess is possible, but I don't really see how...?), then yeah, it is illogical... if you solved it properly (i.e. found the answer somewhere in the level) then I don't see what you're complaining about
by Chronon
01-03-2009 01:12
Forum: Notpron
Topic: Poll: What's your favourite levels + reasons?
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22 (the answer is unexpected) - got it in about two seconds, but on closer inspection it's a very fun, clever level. while you're racking your brains, you can waste your time both watching that bananaphone thing AND wanking... :) 61 (mail archive) - both an interesting break from the normal notpron ...
by Chronon
08-06-2007 17:20
Forum: Notpron
Topic: Creativity test
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by Chronon
26-03-2007 16:46
Forum: Notpron
Topic: Silliest logical mistake you made
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On level 10, not once did I ever think of looking from the other side (hope that's a little less spoilery), until my little brother suggested it.... *sigh*