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by sebastian
07-08-2009 18:48
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Topic: Level MINUS 1
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Re: Level MINUS 1

Funnily enough, I knew the answer to this level from mis-solving a past level (which led me here). so I know how to get from -1 to -2 but have no idea why it's the answer. how frustrating i want to understand. I mean, i saw the 'hint' on the page which was the reason to why I got there in the first ...
by sebastian
07-08-2009 11:52
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level 76
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Re: Level 76

Love love love this level!

but that might be becasue I'm a Londoner! :D
by sebastian
06-08-2009 13:09
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level 63
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Re: Level 63

seems so obvious... seems so simple... seems so easy...
and yet - my mind is drawing a blank.

any more hints, please?

I mean, I think i found the note i was supposed to find - but any hints on what I'm supposed to do with it? :)

never mind... solved :)