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by Raven
06-09-2009 20:19
Forum: Off-Topic
Topic: bloodpit!!
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Hey, long time no see. i havnt played in oh around 4 years. but im just asking whatever happened to bloodpit??? that mod was amazing! and i remember alot of people played that game from here(considering it was a mod of this mod X) ] and i was wondering whatever happened to it..bring it back ftw? 8)
by Raven
03-09-2009 22:50
Forum: Death Ball
Topic: 4 years later..
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Re: 4 years later..

Heh, wonder if anyone remembers me...i played around 5 years ago. XD i remember inphidel, wolfy, theone, imag, skatallica, and more i just forget names now a days -_- been a while. and for some reason my old account for the forum is gone :o