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by manelinho
11-06-2010 11:58
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Topic: Level 77
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Re: Level 77

I am in the same situation as J.A.N. but with no brilliant ideas yet, at least none that worked when small cased. Still not sure if the two things we met early are clues to the levels themselves, the methods we used there or the themes they refered to... For instance, the <spoiler removed> relates t...
by manelinho
08-09-2009 12:17
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level 66
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Re: Level 66

This "source" is related to the pic or notpron itself?
by manelinho
07-09-2009 10:10
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Topic: Level 63
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Re: Level 63

I've been on this on for months :D. Well, i'm made a few breaks, but I still can't figure it out. I've used Sibelius (composing music program) and copied the notes from the pic, trying to figure out any differences between the music and the notes in the pic. Is that the right way? I seem to find a t...