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by Kayeda
07-01-2010 11:36
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level 34
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Re: Level 34

Still stuck on that one... I've found a page that asks me what kind of [1] I've typed in the URL. Then I've put [2], that leads me to another page that says: "[2] as in [1]?" *Put the [1] and [2] stuff to avoid spoilers. Those are words that I really don't know if I could put here. Well, and then I'...
by Kayeda
06-01-2010 23:04
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level 32
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Re: Level 32

WOW! Sooooo sutile!

Just got it. So, who are still stuck, don't give it up. As any other levels, there IS a very reasonable way to get past this one! ;)