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by hugodiniz
04-02-2015 13:10
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Topic: Level Zeta
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Re: Level Zeta

Again, I would like to talk about the solution I found. Can anyone help me?
by hugodiniz
31-01-2015 14:46
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Topic: Level Delta
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Re: Level Delta

Five years in Notpron. Three years here in Delta. kkkkk
Finally, I found a solution. I want to talk about my solution. Reading the posts, I have the feeeling I lost something in the way.
Can anyone help me please ?
by hugodiniz
28-09-2010 20:21
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Topic: Level Gamma
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Level Gamma

I can see three letters. But I'm not finding the right word (English is not my primary language). Someone can tell me if my method is in the right direction ?