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by fraengers
05-06-2020 20:57
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Topic: Level 72
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Re: Level 72

So hint/step 1 was easy but now ... where do i see these numbers? I don't get it, there are numbers all over the thing with no logic i can see. Can i get a hint on the 2nd hint?
by fraengers
21-05-2020 22:02
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Topic: Level 70
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Re: Level 70

Impossible to do as a German who has little to no clue nor interest about the specific cultural aspect that was needed to solve this, and there isn't even a hint what kind of knowledge you need for this. Opposed to the user above me, I thought the cultural obstacle was massive. Get yourselves a fri...
by fraengers
29-09-2013 15:09
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Re: Level 61

Just a tip: I had the problem that my firefox always got me the same pic, even when I found the right one. If you are sure you got it, try a different browser (interestingly enough ie also didn't work). It worked when I used a portable versioin of opera. Maybe it was a problem with the browser cache...
by fraengers
04-01-2013 15:22
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Re: Level 57

Hint 1 is a bit misleading... I found the location of the place we see in the picture, but it has nothing to do with the answer. :?