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by moonhead
24-06-2003 23:24
Forum: Death Ball
Topic: Worst Virus Ever ---cnn Announced - Stop It In Its Tracks!
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It sounds like you are taking this seriously - but anything that generally says something like "Forward this to everyone in your address book" tends to be an email hoax. This has all the markings of one. If its real, please link to the mcafee website definition of this particular virus. See some hoa...
by moonhead
24-06-2003 20:47
Forum: Death Ball
Topic: 1.7 beta
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I know there has been talk about the keeper zones, and I haven't made up my mind about the keeper being keeper again as soon as he steps into pbox thing (although Im leaning towards it being a good thing), but I would like the keeper zone still to be marked out in the map. I like the lines coming ou...
by moonhead
10-05-2003 00:47
Forum: Death Ball
Topic: 1.7 beta :/
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FFS, why are we making keeping even harder than it already is. If a keeper camps on one post and dodge-jumps across to make a save then WELL PLAYED KEEPER. A decent attacker will find ways to counter-act this. I'm sick of this DB mentality that if someone develops a good skill "it must be stopped"....
by moonhead
05-05-2003 13:54
Forum: Death Ball
Topic: relegating
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No - other divisions would have had teams relegated but loads have dropped out since the start, meaning there isn't enough teams any more. Maybe some rearranging of the numbers in each division will need to be done.
by moonhead
26-04-2003 14:20
Forum: Death Ball
Topic: beta server pwed
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Killing_U wrote: hmm could u plz define the following for me?
pickup game

Ill be the serious one:
FFA = Free For All i.e. a public server
Pickup game = arranged game between different players (usually on IRC channel), not a clanwar e.g. see #dbpickup
by moonhead
15-04-2003 10:13
Forum: Death Ball
Topic: Dodgeball public beta test available
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Re: Dodgeball public beta test available

Originally posted by gutterflower

- Fizzzy :rolleyes:
Gutterflower? Fizzy?

OMG - they must be the same person!
by moonhead
06-04-2003 22:03
Forum: Death Ball
Topic: My greatest deathball achievement
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Yup Ive seen something similar. I'm the keeper. Shot is fired at me. I jump to save it, seems like an easy save, and I think I've caught it. Text even comes up saying 'moonhead has the ball'. Suddenly - GOAL. Console says: moonhead has the ball ball was carried for 0.00 seconds moonhead scores own g...
by moonhead
31-03-2003 16:04
Forum: Death Ball
Topic: Transparency of lower right radar
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Transparency of lower right radar

I've noticed recently that the radar in the bottom left sometimes gets obscured - depending on the lighting and my position on a map. Sometimes gets very difficult to see players dots cos the shield cannon is showing throught the radar. Is their a way to decrease the transparency of the radar, so it...
by moonhead
26-03-2003 12:29
Forum: Death Ball League
Topic: Because everyone else is doing it...
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DEUS has 2 DBL squads now. DEUS-UV and DEUS-IR. DEUS-UV are the squad that played in the qualifcation and are in Div2, DEUS-IR is a squad entered for this new season.
by moonhead
25-03-2003 15:22
Forum: Death Ball
Topic: National English Coach/Team
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Originally posted by ThaGiMiC Eventually once 12 ppl have been decided on, 'they' and only they can elect one of thier 11 team mates to be the leader I think this a good idea. How the squad of 12 gets selected still needs to be decided though. Could this be done with a poll to choose strikers/defen...
by moonhead
23-03-2003 15:08
Forum: Death Ball
Topic: Nominations for coach: Deathball UK Team
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Yes I've been trying to think of a shortlist of nominations - and Cata definitely should be on it.
by moonhead
21-03-2003 15:19
Forum: Death Ball
Topic: DB Voicepack and binding
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DB Voicepack and binding

Ok - dumb question probabaly. How do i bind the DB voice pack stuff ? The binder in the game only shows the regular UT2003 voice pack I believe ? Looking at deathball.u the following stuff should be available: DBVoicepack yuo_makes_it_with_teh_sucks alright attack_the_ballowner awesome balance_the_t...
by moonhead
18-03-2003 19:48
Forum: Death Ball
Topic: good sprint servers ?
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The DEUS public server does have sprint on. The DEUS private server for matches/pickups generally doesn't.

Neither up at the moment, but should be back online within 24 hrs :)
by moonhead
18-03-2003 18:04
Forum: Death Ball
Topic: Middle radar
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I played before the middle radar came along - and as soon as it did I had to turn it off. Even now I try enabling it occasionally to see if it helps, and I just find it distracts me - I *have* to disable the middle radar and use the bottom right radar only. Someone told me the middle radar helps wit...
by moonhead
13-03-2003 11:29
Forum: Death Ball
Topic: Funniest DB Moment...
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Listening to one of the radio broadcasts of [123/4] vs [CDM] I think it was. Absolutely hilarious, all respect to Cronus, but he sounded like he'd just woken up or something. - kept forgetting to what to call the penalty zone, "and the ball is into the ... er,, whats it called again....