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Posted: 28-08-2006 18:45
by Rincewind SW
Omg, I was doing that the other day. My camera sucks cause I can't shange exposure time but doing this was still fun...

(RinceWind - Known by RW sometimes in a different community.)

Posted: 30-08-2006 16:35
by xiller8r
How do you do that?:O

Posted: 30-08-2006 16:42
by DavidM

Posted: 30-08-2006 19:34
by Rincewind SW
Waving a torch around in the dark. It's quite fun! :>

Posted: 31-08-2006 16:06
by Isil
Still happy with the FM2 :) Couldn't have bought a better workhorse. Recently bought a 35mm/f2 lens, really fast lens. Next thing I'm going to buy is a small rangefinder camera.

Perhaps a Canonet, perhaps a Ricoh 500, who knows :) All I know is that I'm hooked on film.

Posted: 02-09-2006 14:29
by Isil

Check out the site, it's awesome. Look:

Extreme panorama camera


Posted: 02-09-2006 14:43
by BunnyS
psssst you're camera is RUBBISH

Posted: 07-10-2006 19:11
by Isil

Posted: 07-10-2006 21:02
by DavidM
and when will you get a camera that isn't rubbish? <3 <3

Posted: 08-10-2006 11:40
by Isil
That > you :) Especially with the 40mm/1.4 nokton \o/

Posted: 08-10-2006 11:43
by DavidM
1.4 sounds <3 <3 <3 <3
rest sounds crap tho :(

Posted: 08-10-2006 13:20
by BunnyS

(this also could be a lie :()

Posted: 08-10-2006 13:25
by Isil
No it doesn't \o/

Bright viewfinder, quick focussing due to the rangefindersystem, light body, small body, silent shutter. Quite helpful in streetphotography. Don't expect me to take closeups of watersdrops though. ;)

Posted: 25-10-2006 20:13
by Isil
Some portraits:

Younger brother


Girlfriend (nuts)