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Posted: 16-03-2005 14:39
by DavidM
an attempt at getting a pic of water with a 1/1000 second exposure time

Posted: 16-03-2005 15:57
by -plær-
Very nice. It reminds me of the work of Harold Edgerton.


Posted: 16-03-2005 16:44
by Messy
Interesting :)

If only we could freeze to 0 Kelvin and get a picture of that /o\

I like it David :o it's a good idea and on top of that it looks cool \o/

Posted: 16-03-2005 18:23
by DavidM
plaer, that looks interesting, but the pics are sooooo tiny :/

Posted: 16-03-2005 18:29
by Messy
I'd assume you'd know Edgerton :o



Posted: 16-03-2005 19:06
by GoldenGun
nice pic, what cam have u got?

Posted: 16-03-2005 19:56
by speedy
wather iz funi (-::

Posted: 16-03-2005 21:48
by DavidM
Kodak DX7630

Posted: 16-03-2005 22:49
by Scotteh
thats awesome

Posted: 17-03-2005 06:17
by DavidM
my first attempt at a crown :noob:
well, not bad, but nothing compared to the good stuff i've seen....

you just have to make a mess and capture it at the right moment, so hard! :S

Posted: 17-03-2005 06:20
by DavidM
more water :rolleyes:

Posted: 17-03-2005 12:56
by Mongeh
i sense a theme

Posted: 17-03-2005 14:02
by DavidM
well, it's fun to see something which you see every day, but you don't really see it :)

Posted: 17-03-2005 15:16
by Robotojon
yeah fair play Dave - nice pics :D

Posted: 17-03-2005 18:45
by DavidM