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Posted: 11-06-2005 11:56
by Springer
Hi :D
Where am I?
Who am I?
Oh <spoiler removed>
Sunny here, going to the pub...

Posted: 11-06-2005 12:01
by puckoberon
ni hao

Posted: 11-06-2005 12:27
by Hugob
Salut!! (nicer in French :D )

Seems I am in a free notprOners discussion no :offtopic: !!

Yes Springer nice day to go out i'll drink a beer under the sun with a little thougth for u !

Tchin tchin !!!!


Posted: 11-06-2005 12:31
by BunnyS
Yep this is a random free for all! :D

it had to happen!

Posted: 11-06-2005 13:27
by nighthawk263
Hello, Ya'atay, Guten Tag, Shalom, Jojo - Lapa, Es Salaam Aleikom, Hej, Czesc, Bonjour, HI! :D

Posted: 11-06-2005 13:35
by BunnyS
impressive thats like 10 different ways to say hello! but Im afraid I still beat u with the swahili Jambo! :D

Posted: 11-06-2005 13:40
by nighthawk263
Still beat me?

O-si-yo, epivah-wuh-ennah, Hau :D

Posted: 11-06-2005 13:43
by BunnyS
yeah meaning although you said hi in 10 different lanuages it doesnt beat me saying it in Swahili :D

Posted: 11-06-2005 13:48
by nighthawk263
Ya'atay - Apache
O-si-yo - Cherokee
epivah-wuh-ennah - Cheyenne
Hau - Sioux

But Swahili is unique also

Posted: 11-06-2005 13:49
by BunnyS
ok ok you win! :D

Posted: 11-06-2005 13:50
by nighthawk263
:lol: wasn't looking to win but thanks! :D

Posted: 11-06-2005 13:58
by BunnyS
I wasnt looking to win but it keeps the random converstation going!

Posted: 11-06-2005 14:34
by Nicky
I reckon the thread should be changed to "just a place to say sponge" maybe that would make it even more random :D

Posted: 11-06-2005 14:51
by BunnyS
yeah we can have a new word every day !

Dusa in swahili ( I think! hard to tell! )

oh it didnt change! its still a place to say hello ?!

Posted: 11-06-2005 15:55
by veryhardgame