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Posted: 22-08-2005 10:05
by uersel
@ at Ace cCc:

it's easy, you just have to say:

:) ;)

Posted: 26-08-2005 14:35
by BunnyS
birthday sponge! :D

Posted: 26-08-2005 18:06
by Nicky

Posted: 27-08-2005 11:20
by uersel

Posted: 31-08-2005 15:49
by BunnyS
I have bad news :(

I still havent set any sponges free!

It has been a while :) so I came back just to say


Posted: 31-08-2005 19:14
by Nicky
:( Those evil bastards havent given in to our demands.

This calls for action!

Everyone grab the nearest pencil and snap it

Posted: 01-09-2005 11:18
by BunnyS
many pencils snapped !! :D:D

do you think we should start having a more normaly converstation here? :hmmmz:

Posted: 01-09-2005 18:29
by Nicky
Thats not posible :) seeing as nobody here is "normal" anyway :lol:

Posted: 01-09-2005 19:03
by Messy
OT: konnichiwa .o/

ogenki desu ka? ¬_¬

ps: watashi wa ooranda-jin desu /o\

Posted: 01-09-2005 19:18
by supamom

Posted: 02-09-2005 17:01
by BunnyS
I am very normal !

most normal person here really! :D :lol:

Posted: 02-09-2005 17:40
by junimond_


Posted: 02-09-2005 17:46
by BunnyS
nice png Juni :)

Posted: 02-09-2005 20:28
by Messy
BunnyS wrote: konichiwa! :D

He got away with it as well!

Posted: 03-09-2005 10:18
by GoldenGun
messy is a sponge >:D