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Posted: 15-09-2007 00:01
by Messy
Reetzj! <3 hi2u!!!!!!111111111111

Heh, had to log in for that..

Posted: 15-09-2007 12:57
by RaGe|DB
mewwy! how you doing these days? ;D

Posted: 21-09-2007 15:30
by Messy
I'm fine :o studying in Leiden, moving to a new house..Kind of busy with lots of stuff :)

How've you been?

Posted: 22-09-2007 08:35
by RaGe|DB
pretty good, final year of my study.. going to work in either aruba or austria for a year then.. and then travel to australia for a year:) Live on my own in Den Bosch atm.. been a good year, lots happened.. so just chilling right now!:) what you doing in leiden?

Posted: 29-03-2008 12:00
by DavidM
From left to right, David, Silw, Marenz, Missie

Posted: 29-03-2008 12:04
by DavidM
Silw creative!

Posted: 29-03-2008 12:05
by DavidM
Marenz DOES eat babies, yes.

Posted: 29-03-2008 12:05
by DavidM
Mario Party 5 gets boring...

Posted: 31-03-2008 08:51
by xiller8r
Your place looks about as tidy as mine. :)

Posted: 31-03-2008 16:01
by siLVer
the question is..who made the pictures...

there is noone visible in the window....

Posted: 31-03-2008 20:16
by DavidM
scares the hell outta me!

Posted: 31-03-2008 20:17
by Slaz
Can't believe ur playing mario party ;)
Sir, ur a genius... The greatest game of all time


Posted: 01-04-2008 15:01
by Mrs.Shoot
next time ask me, before you put pictures of me online >.<


Posted: 01-04-2008 15:19
by Neroje
Why doesn't Marenz play along? MP pwns tbh :O

Posted: 01-04-2008 16:40
by Ker]v[et
in a gondel at the Alps with my board \o/Image