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Posted: 30-08-2006 16:31
by xiller8r
if youre enjoying reading about the illuminati bunnys, get a copy of Angels and Demons by Dan Brown, same guy who wrote The da vinci code, its fiction but contains a lot of "fact" and is quite a good read:)

Posted: 30-08-2006 16:43
by The_One
"fact" indeed.

Posted: 31-08-2006 14:53
by BunnyS
Never really liked the Dan Brown man :) I first picked up "Deception Point" by him and after that just haven't bothered to read any others, I also haven't read/seen Da Vinci Code, I have a feeling it won't live up to the hype :)

I don't know what it is though, maybe it's shock, about the things I have read that intrigues me. Humans in general seem attracted to news of disater or darker things. Probably because there is such secrecy involed ?

Posted: 31-08-2006 15:14
by priior
i thought it was well known fact that the illuminati was a hoax...

as for the others.. i know freemasonry played a huge role in the french revolution etc.. back in those days..

do they still have any relevence today?

the only recret society i can see that might have any influence in modern politics would a secret society made up of the CEO's or big energy companies and world banks...

Posted: 31-08-2006 15:39
by BunnyS
There still seems to be as much conspiracy today :)

Guess none of us will ever really know....unless :o

One of you is a member ? :)

Posted: 31-08-2006 16:00
by The_One
I'm not. Knights Templar? Who they? :shifty:

Posted: 31-08-2006 16:05
by BunnyS
I wonder who picked " I take it seriously"

It was you The_One wasn't it ? OWN UP !

Posted: 31-08-2006 19:21
by The_One
I have nothing to hide.


Posted: 01-09-2006 14:16
by kewangji
i have lot's o stuff to Hyde...

Posted: 01-09-2006 15:06
by BunnyS
Seriously.... who takes it seriously ? :) I wanna hear what they have to say !

(sure I know it's you lot just messing around but still :P )

Posted: 02-09-2006 12:09
by kewangji
I sure as hell didn't. I clicked happy there's a multiple ....
and interested in it thats all

Posted: 02-09-2006 14:45
by BunnyS
Let's start a new one, we shall call it ....
'The Bacon Butchers'

who's with me ? ^^

Posted: 03-09-2006 00:39
by kewangji
I am! I am!

Can I be prime inquistor?

Thanks, bun, you're my hero(ine)

(edit: and why are you so obsessed with bacon?:o
you mention it in every thread ...)

Posted: 03-09-2006 10:35
by BunnyS
tis a secret

Posted: 03-09-2006 19:23
by kewangji

*disappears in a cloud of illogic*