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Posted: 17-11-2006 14:05
by beefsack
was laughing so hard tears were coming out. nuff said.

Posted: 17-11-2006 14:41
by SentenceD
Oh so it's worth watching in the movies then? :D

Posted: 17-11-2006 15:00
by Jelly
It certainly is.
Ive never heard a cinema laugh that much, as when him and his pretty fat manager fought on a bed, both naked.

Posted: 18-11-2006 06:11
by meep98324
Agreed. It was hilarious.

Posted: 05-12-2006 22:17
by Shenmue
One of the funniest movies I have ever seen, no doubt about it. I just came home from the cinema and I'm still laughing.

Posted: 09-12-2006 22:33
by snackbar
I find him annoying.

Posted: 10-12-2006 23:10
by Isil
snackbar wrote: I find him annoying.


Posted: 11-12-2006 05:50
by `Ghost`
the King of unfunny

Modern comedy bites, well, most of it.

Posted: 13-12-2006 21:08
by Rens2Sea
best movie evar! \o/

Posted: 14-12-2006 14:01
by Fragger
"you.. gypsy.. give me your tears!"

man, that will stay in my head for next year.

p.s: was the fight with the fat naked dude really necessary?

Posted: 15-12-2006 15:25
by beefsack
that fight was awesomely disturbing, i think everything in that movie was necessary to make it awesome

Posted: 15-12-2006 15:51
by CorDawg-
heh the guys in the motorhome are trying to sue them for ruining their reputation but they arent getting anywhere

Posted: 15-12-2006 22:01
by Messy
I hated the fratboys..