Anagram yourself

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Post by Mighty Midget » 07-05-2007 17:27

Lenin stunk

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Post by Arya Laris » 15-05-2007 14:20

Larisa Ray from nickname... cause unfortunately there were no results for my real name.

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Post by Neroje » 17-05-2007 17:37

my nick is an anagram ^^

But with my last name:
Reel me menu John
Melee John run me...

can someone get it?

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Post by wolvesofwar » 28-10-2008 20:26

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Post by Kak0 » 29-10-2008 10:58

Kim Aric Wolsky :D

I guess you can' t guess my name with that :P Just a hint : My nickname on this forum is a modified contraction of my last name ( in other words : All the letters in my nickname are in my last name but not in this order )

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Post by The_One » 30-10-2008 12:26

Cyril Kamowski?. :D

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Re: Anagram yourself

Post by bruteforce » 07-12-2009 22:27

Old Thread, but I just stumbled upon it and was pretty surprised by mine:
The Assimilated
I think I found a new nick... :D

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Re: Anagram yourself

Post by Sergej » 16-12-2009 15:43

One of mine is "A battled prick"
Very flattering :D

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Re: Anagram yourself

Post by gamemastertips » 31-12-2009 02:34

Mine seems to read "Bambi Bang Jayne." That doesn't sound right... O.o

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Re: Anagram yourself

Post by Wutnudel » 09-04-2010 22:17

Well english Anagrams of my name are all rubbish.

But the german ones are quite interesting:
Arsch Info Zoll (ass info toll in english)
Crash Info Zoll

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Post by Kryptofacist » 08-11-2010 13:44

Emanates Stern Joy.

Not sure what 'stern joy' is, but it's gotta be good.

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Re: Anagram yourself

Post by virlomi » 17-12-2010 05:12

old post, but still:
I really liked "Bang Overload", or "Vandal Booger"

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Re: Anagram yourself

Post by Larana » 03-02-2011 11:14

Anisette Pink Porn
Entertain Skin Pop
Sneaker Inn Tiptop
Insane Pink Potter
Insaner Kitten Pop

... lol, you'll never guess mine.

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Re: Anagram yourself

Post by nikgre17 » 29-03-2017 17:28

Caracal Nosing Horsy

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Re: Anagram yourself

Post by Solli » 30-03-2017 09:22

Laser Info Rolling