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The docus mass media won't show you

Posted: 18-06-2007 03:11
by DavidM

I have only watched 2 on there yet.
I don't know if all are good. No matter what, even if they are shall not see them, or media would objectively discuss them. Anyway, it's a good resource to learn more about the world we live in.

I just watched about how votes are rigged.

Posted: 18-06-2007 03:31
by DavidM

Posted: 19-06-2007 20:28
by Ker]v[et
I just hope everytime that this are not just other lies /o\

dont belive anything? cant work either :p

Posted: 19-06-2007 20:59
by DavidM
If I care about a topic, I'm watching as many sources as I can, and if possible compare things you see with your own experiences...which is impossible in most cases. But as for censorship or hiding things on TV or the Internet I can see things with my own eyes, so I KNOW it.

Sometimes you can tell people lie when they avoid questions. Some make sure they don't get asked questions etc...
Suspicious things are often enough to prove things to me.

At a certain point you have to believe things. If you can't they aren't good enough, and you have no clue.

But in that case I'd just keep the topic in the back of my mind, and if it comes up again somewhere, I'll compare my knowledge with what I see.

Anyway, always need to be aware of all and keep thinking and simple trusting.

Posted: 19-06-2007 21:26
by DoMmeh``
its often like david already told, if 20 people say lies and 1 tells the trues you believe teh 20.

and thats the way it always goes i found out for myself. see, often i see people discussing and people who i dont think aren`t right are arguing the way like: nah its not true can't be... ... so they often dont explain why thinks cant be they just say it would be impossible to imagine.

i dont believe this things i see @ first view neither BUT the deeper you get into the topic the more you find. and the more it just FITS together like a puzzle so its easier to believe things there or they just add up better. its amazing how much stuff you find if you search...!! u really need to try out yourself.

my point is, the most common argument people say is "nah this cant be, i cant imagine , or, nah impossible." try to talk to your friends they'll say this too but its just because it are thoughts made up in another dimension...which people are afraid of to think in this dimension, because of different reasons i wont type now cause im too tired ^^

but yes its a lot stuff david already told i know but thats just the way it is, just find it out for yourslef

Posted: 19-06-2007 23:28
by Jelly
Google Video ..............

Posted: 20-06-2007 00:53
by DavidM
Yes, google. Some videos are dead links.

Posted: 20-06-2007 01:06
by DavidM
He speaks the truth about god damn TV:

If people would please wake up...

The more I find out about the world, the more I realise what a HUGE AMOUNT OF BULLSHIT ALL TV STATIONS bring into our homes, and for 2 weeks now I haven't watched ANY news or so. Only 2 hours of entertainment, but it wasn't worth it either.
I'm glad I'm finally ready to give up the tube totally.

Posted: 20-06-2007 11:08
by BunnyS
heh @ that clip.

It's all fair and well saying it's a mass media tool to spread propaganda and so on but I still stand by what I say when I say; If you know to take things with a pinch of salt that you read in the newspapers or see on the tv news then it's not going to do you any 'harm' is it ?. Which is why I'm not going to turn my tv off. I still find things entertaining and still like to hear the news they are giving, even if I don't believe it. So I can know all sides to the stories. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying you're wrong for turning it off at all, fair play to you. I just want to stress that everyone who does still watch tv isn't automatically buying into all the 'lies' .

Posted: 20-06-2007 11:36
by DavidM
Watching it with a filter is the minimum. But pieces of the propaganda always get believe things that would never doubt, and you might find out they are bullshit too. And the worst they do is what they DON'T show.....the worst of all.
It twists all stories very bad.

Posted: 20-06-2007 13:06
by priior
i think the crucial thing to realise is there's propaganda on both sides.

gotta see thru both sides.. and that's tough-ish./

Posted: 20-06-2007 14:39
by BunnyS
amen prii.... btw do you get milk in bags ? :o

Posted: 20-06-2007 18:31
by slimshady
aint got no TV \o/

Posted: 20-06-2007 18:46
by DavidM
yeah well....people see tv is showing bullshit, so on the net they try to prove it wrong as much as they can, also being blind on one eye and exagerating things.

there are actually stories that try to prove that the planes in 911 are video editing etc. the proofs are dumb. and about a bin laden double in those videos. it would make sense, because right now he's contradicting himself, but it doesn't really convince me, visually. but can be. in one video he looks really fat.
but need to keep both eyes open.

Posted: 20-06-2007 20:55
by priior
slimshady thats probably the smartest thing to do :)