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Deathball player seeks fame in UK but didn't tell anyone :o

Posted: 17-08-2007 18:55
by BunnyS
YES it's true ! a fellow db player has been spotted, acting as a 'teenager' in an AA car insurance advert !

You can't deny it we have proofs g*

Posted: 17-08-2007 21:44
by Shady

I also noticed this, it's a spitting image of Messy.

Posted: 18-08-2007 13:24
by fro
except mewwy has short hair these days.

Posted: 30-08-2007 14:41
by xiller8r
Love the shirt lars :)

So funny that those things had to change name:P

Posted: 10-09-2007 11:03
by InSaNe`
I'd hit it.