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Post by DavidM » 30-11-2007 21:22

Look, i've written a book on the subjects I'm talking German.
Don't expect me to backup all I say in a forum thread. Too much effort. I'm just trying to give people a clue and to wake them up, so they start researching on their own.
I only trust myself, so I found all proof by myself. And especially the new medicine can be understood and tested in real life all day long.
I don't know exactly about all of Dr. Hamer's views on the world. I'm sure a lot of it is true, don't know about all.
But I know that I've tested several hundred aspects of his new medicine, and all is totally and fully correct.
And then I've got plenty people, who I trust, who tested another few hundred aspects, successfully.
Just can't get anything at all to prove something wrong.
So no reason to doubt a thing, our body follows these 5 laws of nature.

The book is on the frontpage of my own website...but German.

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Post by fro » 01-12-2007 01:54

if you arent prepared to provide fact, people are going to mock you, thats life.

Ive downloaded your book, but its going to take me a while to read whilst i have other things to occupy myself with.

im interested in these several hundred tests, that would of taken a long time, any stats or data available?

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Post by DavidM » 01-12-2007 11:14

Some mock you, some get interested and get into serious questions, because they have been smelling that something is rotten in the state of denmark (stupid saying).
But I could so easily turn it around and ask for proof for the mainstream opinion.
I know almost nothing of it is based on facts, it would be hillarious to see what people come up with. Just excuses.

Hundred tests? No idea what's up :o
Oh, you mean what I said about the new medicine.
The whole thing has several thousand little facts.
All empirically scientific, so you can test and verify them by yourself.
Need to wait for the chance, then look the things up and check them.

Like you got a certain symptome....
then you look up the psychological conflict for that organ.
Then you see you had exactly this conflict. Furtherthemore you will see the whole process of this certain biological program. It will tell you what happens next or what other things already happened.
Can check all those facts if they really happen.
School mediciners never saw the relation of these little things, while we now know they belong together and they are part of one process where everything is something useful.

After a while you will start to see little symptoms everywhere.
Our little every-day-cancers, and these facts can be verified there.
Nobody in the world is gonna present you the truth on a silver platter, gotta find it for yourself, piece by piece.
When you are interested in whats acctually going on, it will happen automatically.
If you aren't, you are unlikely to find it.

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Post by nohackers » 31-08-2010 04:51

DavidM wrote:I clicked through 6 levels or so, but it was too smelly, because a) I know what the UN is about, and b) 99% of those "we help the world" thingies are bullshit that just try to instrumentalize people's bad conscience. It's just someone making business for himself. All those charlatans giving people toxic medications for none existant diseases... but it sounds good to us, because we have no clue in the world what's going on.
Porve it.