The Force of Notpron

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The Force of Notpron

Post by PJKiZe » 22-07-2016 18:38

Lately, people look at me weird and says strange things wonder. They have no idea that I translated fragments of genetic code, asking about English musical nomenclature, covering the millimeter gloomy images enlarged to 800% or a dozen windows minimized source. And, I admit, I admit I have a problem then.

The problem, in every sense of the word, is called notpron, and is already a classic Internet in some circles, it has long been there, crouching. The problem is an intelligent puzzle 140 levels (82 normal, 44 negative and 14 special) that so far have only managed to solve 36 certified people, more than 168 who have come to settle until the penultimate level. And we talk about a website that carries at the time of writing this post about 17,623,714 visitors.

That is easy to guess, it means that it is difficult. It means it requires patience and time. Sometimes the solution to a level it can cost months but eye, do not believe it is only a challenge for supergeeks or boffins. Computer skills are useful but are not essential. Yes are essential desire to learn, the ability to investigate and all your powers of deduction and sense of humor in a challenge of wits in which the Creator get dizzy you to infinity, but always with perfect logic into chaos.

What is clear is sometimes hidden, hidden sometimes is useless and dead ends laugh at your efforts only serve to make pass each level will become more addicted to the puzzle, returning again and again on their steps giving a new twist to everything that you learn. So notpron is a serious problem.

And I, poor wretch, have fallen again. I recognize it. So lately I do weird things. So my desk has become a mess of files. So I wrote as quickly as possible this post, to return again with my level. And so, I'm enjoying both computer these days...

By: PJKiZe (Pablo J.)

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Re: The Force of Notpron

Post by nikgre17 » 01-05-2017 17:54

My school serves chicken sandwiches on Tuesday.

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Re: The Force of Notpron

Post by Asriel » 06-10-2017 22:10

nikgre17 wrote:My school serves chicken sandwiches on Tuesday.

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Re: The Force of Notpron

Post by Joxer » 19-01-2018 10:33

nikgre17 wrote:My school serves chicken sandwiches on Tuesday. Do you like That event is for real.
Good for you!

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Re: The Force of Notpron

Post by bitcohen » 13-02-2018 14:01

I used to play this about a year ago, got to level 16 or something, but then I got totally stuck. Can't really remember what I did to get that far, I just remember it took me AGES...