New Riddle: "The Chron Riddles"

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New Riddle: "The Chron Riddles"

Post by Chronamut » 03-03-2018 02:01

Hey guys, so I made a sequel to Zest online riddles called "the chron riddles"

if you guys want to check it out you can do so here:

The Chron Riddles

you can also join our discord page HERE - I am always there so you can ask questions there - we also have sub rooms in there for each level so you can ask specific level questions :)

Be sure to check out and like our facebook page page as well! It would be much appreciated!



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Re: New Riddle: "The Chron Riddles"

Post by Chronamut » 25-03-2018 20:36

So I am noticing I am getting a steady amt of traffic from here, so I will provide some extra riddle info:

The riddle is split into 4, for a total of 4 paths. Each path is meant to test a different part of your brain:

1) The positive (chron) levels. These are meant to test the creative side of your brain. Thinking outside the box. You may have to solve things in unorthodox ways. For example taking something literally, noticing colours or patterns, doubling words, noticing when audio is missing etc. You will also need to learn lore in the positive levels which may take you outside the riddle and into google. Lore is a big part of the positive levels. Each odd level is harder than each even level. There are also "letter" sub levels in the game that usually give you some manner of reward at the end of them. These also help fill out the "lore". There are 100 Levels.

2) The negative (hell) levels. These are meant to test the analytical side of your brain. This is the side most riddlers are used to have being tested, but they start off very hard. They start off assuming you have the skill level of someone who has already finished an entire riddle set before, and thus have all the skills needed to defeat such a level. Most of these levels have several sub-levels in them, and most just involve the use of your brain, although knowledge of a specific world may help. The path to this is barred from the start so first you have to figure out how to open the gates of hell from the start. Holes to other worlds is your hint here.. There are 100 Levels.

3) The bizarro (Z) levels. These are meant to test the visual processing side of your brain. For those who have done riddles like synchronicity you will understand what this entails. This riddle set is deeply hidden so first you must find it. It is on a page that you will know very well, but is somehow twisted. These riddles will start off rather easy but get hard rather quickly. There are 100 Levels.

4) The ??? levels. These are meant to test your level of insanity. Thinking like a mental patient will get you through these. Without a doubt the hardest levels in the entire game, and possibly on the entire internet. Only those who have solved the first 300 levels can even be granted access to these. There are 100 Levels.

NotCrux Bonus: This is a riddle that is split into 3 paths - you must solve all three paths and claim the artifact pieces from each in order to combine them together into an artifact needed in the end. Considered currently to be the hardest level in the entire riddle set.

? and ?? - 2 future bonuses

Level 101 - solving any of the 4 sets completely will get you to 101, but you cannot solve 101 until you have solved all 400 levels and 3 bonuses for a total of 404 ultimate levels. Error 404 - salvation not found.


For every wrong answer you will be greeted with a 404 page. This riddle is still in development so when you are done you will be brought to temp end. Positive riddle temp end brings you to the negative riddle gate of hell - negative riddle temp end brings you to notcrux.

Summaries for each level so far:

1) You see a door before you, but is it really important? One path leads to hell, another one leads ahead. Think very literally on this one, and you will be fine. Just do what it tells you to do. What does the journey of a thousand miles start with? (Hint: it's the easiest level, don't overthink it - colours are important)

2) You are in a wood.. the wood is peaceful and calm.. you feel sleepy.. you hear birds chirping.. shh birds.. I am trying to sleep! Ahh blissful-.. (Hint, complete words ending with dashes)

3) You are at a bridge.. not a sound to be heard.. recall the answer that got you here.. now factor in that it is a bridge.. with two sides.. what applies to one should apply to the other.. what applies to one should apply to the other.. (Hint: repetition is important here - recall your answer to #2..)

4) You are at the bridge.. suddenly you see a set of glowing eyes.. go.. venture forth.. touch it.. it is trying to camoflauge.. don't let it.. allow it to show you what it really is, and then find out what this mysterious creature is. The forest guardian keeps entries on all these creatures.. but one controls the rest, and it is rumoured another controls that one in turn.. find out what is missing, and take note of it. (Hint - you will need google here - also, reaching a journal entry is the final stage of level 4 - the answer is always somewhere on the journal entry page, so don't deviate from the journal entry page unless it tells you to)

5) You cross the bridge, and come to a slumbering beast. A forcefield blocks access. You must somehow overcome this forcefield. Once it is down three roads will be available to you - but one is hidden, and one hidden even more. The straightforward path will lead to a memory.. the hidden path a clue, and the hidden hidden path will take you to the world of the forest guardians origins, where you will learn a great many things. Only the forest guardians true name will open this portal though.

An archive of informaton is needed to learn more about the beast that sleeps within, as well as the forest guardian. Powers learned properly will earn you the path forward.

An artifact is hidden here.. but nobody knows where it is. (Hint, you will need to find the entity archive - google is your friend - the letter levels are from A-G - the artifact is hidden on G, but Nobody knows where it is.. There are two journal entries you can find in this level - you can solve the level from either of them, but don't solve it without finding A-G first, or it will go against you later on when that artifact is needed. This is one of the most confusing riddles for beginners.)

6) You find yourself at a gate. The forest guardians gate. The gate is locked with all manner of interesting symbols. You must find where this code is located to break it. Once you do one last symbol will keep it closed - the central symbol. Only royalty can break this seal. Once that is broken the way forward will be revealed. (Hint: There is a way to cheat and skip this level, but it will go against you if you do not know how to translate the language.. find a sheet that has the symbol translations on it, and then find the forest guardian, his face holds the secret to completing this level)

7) You are in a strange land, and a giant dragon slumbers. It appears to have 3 forms. green, blue, and red. Each will provide riddles for you to solve. There is a right way to solve this, and a wrong way to solve it. You can take either path, but solving the path the wrong way will always have a price to pay. You must pass many sub levels to get through this trial, but will be granted with an artifact, a weapon of the forest guardian. (Hint: This is one of the hardest levels in the positive levels - most never even finish this level, nor progress through it. You must look at the question he asks you, and then ask it to yourself, and enter that musing as the answer - from there he will ask you riddles. You will learn the importance of colours here, which will then put the colours of hint screens in perspective - one path will become progressively wronger, one path progressively righter, both paths will lead to the answer, but the wrong path will have a price to pay. There are three levels to this riddle - a different coloured dragon, and a different directory, for each one. This one takes a lot of creative thinking, some parts will have to be taken literally, some parts will represent directory structure etc.)

8) You chance upon the forest guardians son, who happens to be wandering about. He tells you many things about a being he sent to earth, a part of him. You learn to feel sorry for this being as he has not learned the lessons he was incarnated to learn. You learn about the forest guardians children, what he is called where he reigns, and the place where he reigns. You hope things go better for this earth creature.. (Hint: Each page is numbered, and this is meant to be a breather from 7, so it's not meant to be hard - just follow along - the entity archive will once again be your friend, think of the ending like a dream, and what do you do at the end of dreams..?)

9) You come across a vast chasm.. you are learning that logic does not apply to this place, and left can mean right, down can mean up, logical can mean illogical.. seems logical to go down.. but.. nothing about this place is logical...

Down and down you go, where you stop.. nobody knows.. perhaps the forest guardian's archives can tell you who knows.. perhaps this person has more than one piece of advice to give..

You descend further into the chasm.. you see.. creatures.. everywhere.. these creatures seem to tell you something.. where have you seen them before.. oh! You remember now! Learn more about their origins, and a special artifact of importance. There are two artifacts on this level.. find his gifts.. and find out who the gift bearer is. Place them on the scales and your way forward is clear. (Hint: the entity archives are once again important. A god plays a role here, the creatures on the wall hold a clue, as does an image in the entity archives, look up who this being is. The numbers on the wall may or may not help you - but looking up an artifact this being covets will be another way to get you the answer - find out its name, find the 2 artifacts on this level and present them at the end to progress to the next level)

10) You reach the bottom of the chasm.. its really dark.. but there are no hints anywhere.. noone to ask.. noone to hear you.. you really wish you could see... hmm.. Don't be fooled if what you look for you think you have not found.. secrets are always hiding in plain sight.. (Hint: there are no hints, only 404 pages.. logic not found..)

11) You look up, and you see what looks like 2 sockets.. with the moon winking at you in one of them.. you've been to hell and back at this point.. something you found long ago in a place almost identical to level 10 holds the key here. You look around.. but all you appear to see is empty walls.. but appearances can be deceiving. Looking back you wonder if there are things you may have missed that perhaps you can shine a better light on now..

You cannot progress past here until you pass through the gates of hell... and solve the third trial. (Hint: basically there is an artifact you must earn on level -3, otherwise you cannot solve this level. It's one way of ensuring no parts of the riddle are skipped, and also to prevent cheating. With this artifact hidden secrets will be revealed - you will then have to revisit all the levels you beat with this new artifact lighting the way to find the answer you seek.

12) The wall opens, but be aware to always look for clues.. inside there are two paths and what appears to have been a bloodbath.. the room is an alter for one specific artifact.. you can solve it without it, although it is more difficult to..

Those who have the artifact can solve this with ease.. those who do not must learn of the 21 gods, of which one who has given you artifacts already you are already aware of.. they each will have a clue for you.

Once there were 22 - one was cast out, betrayed, ostracized, find out what sin this being committed, activate the portal, and leave this forsaken place! (Hint: Don't be too overeager to enter without looking for clues first, they will help you find the third path. Each path leads you to a pantheon of gods, 21 in total, with a 22nd to be determined. A hidden artifact found outside the riddles CAN help you and make things easier, but knowing the names of all of the gods can help you as well, so it can be solved either way. The sheet found applies only if you have the artifact. The alter shows what the artifact looks like. A symbol will always show you which artifact you need. Find out what sin this god committed, and that will lead the way to the next level.)

13) The words are accepted, and you are transported to an outdoor temple, there is a pedestal for an offering.. and it is stated you need two.. - offering these will bring you her gift, and from there use all you have to move into the ethereal realm.. (Hint: Use the artifacts you have to find the true number of pedestals and the information you need, and then find the way to offer the gifts. Possessing the artifact from the alter in the previous level will do you well here. You will need to research the gifts - the Solio Febalas is the only hint I will give you here - this is where the gifts of the gods of light and dark were kept, and what you need - offering these will give you the 22nd god's gift, then find a way to offer all that you need to pass through. The order they are presented in is important.)


Summaries for each negative level so far:

Gates of hell: You made it down to the depths of hell, but the way is barred. How will you get through? The negative riddles lay just beyond. (Hint: hop down a hole and see where it leads you.. it worked for that little girl.. what would it take to tame the fires of hell? Perhaps if hell was.. (this gate can be accessed from riddle levels +1 to +5 ) - the road to hell, along the way, is pavved with good intentions so they say..)

-1) You enter this hellish domain. Fire is everywhere.. you see her.. but she is not how you remember her. Something is wrong with something she has.... riddles.. OH NO, RIDDLES! evil.. lots of evil.. in many many forms.. so many senses of evil.. find the right form, and the path becomes clear. No cheating on this one. (Hint: look for what letters look like what other letters, knowing your characters is important here.. seeing but not seeing will lead the way.. knowing your senses is important, recall how you solved +3 for one part.. repetition, and many combinations of evil..)

-2) It wakes up.. but it is DEFINITELY not how you remember it.. it appears possessed.. staring at you.. with.. that eye.. everything appears backwards here.. you try to rescue her, but its taking you further into its hell.. it won't let you take her, not at this time.. her heart has been corroded.. seems she is cursed to remain there as a result.. (Hint: everything is backward here, and you are in ITS hell.. its lleh.. know your sub-levels.. a change in location is required first.. and then much mirroring.. tcepxeyamuoytahwtonsirewsnaeht.. asian cuisines! Not now though.. tainted hearts are doomed to remain in hell forever.. in lleh reverof.. )

-3) You have her in your grasp, and you've gotten a headstart on the creature! You go back to where she fell down, but it's a loooong way back up.. it hears you, it smells you, it can practically taste you.. you see someone above to give you a helping hand.. this.. thing.. appears to have left you clues as well.. before it became.. evil.. you swear you've seen them before.. but maybe you are just mad.. kidding.. kidding..

you will only die if you stay here.. you wish you could scratch your ears out to drown out its howlings.. its tapping on the walls.. such a rhythmic sound.. and then.. then it sees you! You try to get away, but it has you! It is slowly dragging you back.. but not before you notice what is missing from it, and you receive another artifact! But by then it is too late, and you are being dragged back into hell.. ITS hell.. so close.. but yet.. so "far".. (Hint: this is currently the hardest negative level - senses once again play a role.. scratches are important.. sound is also important - do not mute! Changing worlds is once again important - do not skip steps - math and conversion play a big role, as does internet speak.. you've seen this b4.. jk jk.. steaks.. mm.. drools.., go find that artifact!)

-4) You find yourself in a strange world.. is this a dream..? More like a nightmare! Someone appears to be stalking you.. seems wrong moves have real consequences here.. you can actually die, and if you die here you die, for real... the souls of the damned are everywhere..

But whose dream is this? Is it your dream, or is it her dream? I think we know who is stalking us.. you must find a way to wake up or you will be here for all eternity, if you don't die first.. (Hint: this is a dream world - none of your artifacts will work here. But perhaps in that itself there is a clue. Once again the artifact you saw from the alter in 11 could help you out, just in knowing who it was before it was combined, or "activated".. there are many many hint screens here.. but the most interesting ones happen when you die.. most of the hint screens will all contain one thing that ties them together - remember you are playing a game with psychopaths, and there are only 2 choices for you - go forth or escape.. who are they? It seems approaching them means death, but telling them who they are will allow you to escape from this world.. seems they simply want recognition, and for you to be well aware of who they are.., think of long hallways with creepy twins.. you don't need anything for this level other than what you have already found in the riddle, no googling for obscure references to words etc.)


Bizarro levels:

1) Know your colours!

2) Know your shapes!

3) Know Your Things to Make Things Other Things!



Artifacts are used by putting in the level name (and sometimes sub-level names followed by a dash, and then the artifact - so directory/level-artifact.html)

1) Level 5 G: SW - translocation
2) Level 7: SB - illumination
3) Level -3: CE - hidden truths
4) Level 9: FR - remold reality
5) Level 9: TF - immolation
6) Notcrux: NP - ????
7) Notcrux: IB - ????
8) Notcrux: OP - ????
9) Notcrux: SL - puzzle key
10) Enter: MR - Alpha Omega
11) help: SP - summaries
12) Bizarro: BC - insanity (N/A yet)

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Re: New Riddle: "The Chron Riddles"

Post by Chronamut » 02-04-2018 16:30

Anyone have any questions by the way? You can post them here or in the discord room. We have sub-rooms for each level that you can ask questions in.

I have noticed most people have difficulty with levels 5 and 7.. most don't get past level 7.

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Re: New Riddle: "The Chron Riddles"

Post by Chronamut » 24-04-2018 16:15

The official forums are now built and up! You will need to register on them in order to get past level 5