Formal Request for the Removal of V3 and DeeZ from the DBL

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Should V3/DeeZ be ejected from the DBL?

Yes, both
No, only DeeZ or V3, not both
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Formal Request for the Removal of V3 and DeeZ from the DBL

Post by Surge » 25-07-2003 09:21

Durring the past 4 months for DB, an American clan "Vini Vedi Vici" has been short of terrorizing our community for no apparent reason other than intimidation. They may be good players, i'll admit that, but their effect on the community outside of deathball has adversly affected everyones dirire to play deathball. They, admittedly, have single handedly destroyed more than 4 other clans:

[3:32am]« [V3]Bodom » how many clans have we killed?
[3:32am]« [V3]Bodom » 4?

Finding a little history on V3, you will quite quickly discover that not only is their leadership lacking, but funamental communication skills, and all around decency. Many examples can be found in these very forums, on IRC, and on in-game binds. Since V3's origin starting with (i believe) Xelent and Bodom, V3 has recruited almost all new players that havnt been exposed to their overwhelming effects on the community. Many players from other clans that joined V3 such as OpTimal, CorDawg, and Gnome, Bullet, and Incubus were some of the members of a previous clan that V3 broke up by their "were better then you" type attitude or as a reflex of losing games by the huge margin that V3 constantly kills smaller clans by whihc is EXTREMELY discourgeing. This is not the full problem, but the tip of the rather large and complex iceburg of a problem V3 is to the NA community.

In 1.4b when DB was thriving in NA, far more-so than it is now, V3 made their first arrival and was a very successful clan. After the recruiting of Sin, Ven0m, InSaNe, and a few others, V3 has become a HUGE problem to the community resulting in a threat to our well-being as a whole. Off hand, i can think of at least 5-6 players who have left DB due to V3's impact on the community.

V3 is responsible for bringing plays like the boost trick and shotgun to the NA community and abused them as much so as cY.13 did. Many European players can relate to the problems that the boost trick caused and its dramatic effects durring league play. Now add that move to a team whos arsenal already included a few other bugged moves. This is not fun to play against. Its frustrating and cheap (hence why it was removed). The shotgun, their other now fixed move, dominated the NA community even though it was a "very situational move" which sent vollies at 100+m/s at the net with godly accuracy and little failure rate.

Just in the the channel #ballers on, you can clearly see V3 has no ops, but still have far more members (13) active than other clans which do. This is not because they are not good or not a "founding" clan as they may say. This is because we dont want a powerful force like V3 in our community, a fun community. Older clans like TA, LS and WKD all had representation in #ballers and now all of them are gone for some related, and un-related reasons but the blunk of the matter is that they didnt want to play games against teams like V3 who constantly torment the community.

V3 is truely the only clan in all of DB that i can say are poor winners. If any other clan wins a match they say gg and leave and just go back to IRC and mingle. V3 on the other hand goes back to IRC and announced their victory, talks about it in public chat for a while, occasionally pointing out the quality of play their opponent provided (saying the suck) and bringing up their victories in other discussions. As you can see in one of the posts by Gnome i believe he said something along the lines of me complaining cause we lost by 20... have you ever seen any clan do this before? i know i sure haven't.

Finally, what good has V3 done for our community? They came, they saw, they concured. What else? They form DeeZ to try and do the same with the EU community who obviously wasn't very thrilled with their arrival as you can see in various other posts. They have done the same thing to the EU league 3 as they did to the NA 3rd league. They destroy all opponents with no consideration. From league 3 NA what are the only teams left? none.

I personally know a lot of V3 members that are nice people. This isnt a 100% V3 should die thread. Bullet, Blauzen, Incubus, and Imag are all very nice, humble people. Too bad, Bullet and Inc actually were from one of those clans that was crushed by teams much like V3 does to other clans now. They know what its like to lose. Imag has always been a nice guy and always will be... probably because I'v never actually seen him play in a league game and never plays publics/pick-ups where the V3 binds shine... Blauzen, like Imag doesnt need to talk shit to other people, and is usually positive. I only ever see him in pugs though, i dont even think hes on IRC.

I personally don't know what high horse V3 is riding, but they need a reality check, big time. Due to their effect on the NA community this may not even be possible unfortunetally. Our numbers dwindle from patch to patch. Our entire squad in SoP is none of who played, and beat, cY back in 1.3b. Teams like V3 and other personall issues caused all of the original SoP to stop playing including its founder Wasabi. Wonder why DBCenter is still down? We actually tried keeping the NA community alive, what has V3 done? Zan hacked DBC and hes in V3. Shows you the quality of their players. Zan is a reasonable person though, i have no issues with him, but with the company he keeps. Much like Xelent and a few other V3 members who i'm not particularly fond of.

The reason behind this post is not because of any kind of recent incedent while playing DB but a challenge issued to me by Bodom from V3. Some of his IRC words are quite impressive if i do say so myself.

[3:26am]« [V3]Bodom » im gonna get you guys a full time rape counselor for our matches

[3:24am]« [V3]Bodom » brb gotta reform a good clan with horrible people
[3:24am]« [V3]Bodom » aka the SoP project

and finally, the reason i'm posting:
[3:30am]« [V3]Bodom » Surge im not gonna go away til you make a formal post requesting it on the DBL forums

I came through with my end of the deal, lets see if Bodoms a man of his word or just another "nubcake".

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Post by [V3]Sin » 25-07-2003 09:43

lmao surge ewww a long read about V3 pwnage:/ your mostly wrong about all of it accept for V3 rampage on sop asses kthx:) and dont act like your old sop clan were nice to noobies kthx they were big headed ego fags just like you are surge:)


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Post by ThaGiMiC » 25-07-2003 09:57

hmmm long post there =)

tbh It sounds like V3 may have a few annoying members, dont know any of em so I wouldnt know =o (not fair to comment)

But alot of your thread is about how good you think V3 are, and how they have owned clans in the past. Thats just the way things happen unfortunatley. Played in lots of communitys in the past and there seems to be a cycle which only few clans avoid.

A few clans start out ->> the best players tend to stand out, and form a better clan ->> The clan continues to grow, until there are too many top flight players ->> The clan breaks up into smaller teams/clans etc.

The whole thing starts again...... just look at TEZC and cY =o

If V3 really get to you so bad tho, either dont play em, or just ignore em =)

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Post by L33FY » 25-07-2003 09:58

I agree DeeZ are a bit off with coming into euro league, but If V3 are happy with american league, let em be.

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Post by Blitz » 25-07-2003 10:04

and here comes the shitstorm.....

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Post by [V3]Sin » 25-07-2003 10:10

If V3 really get to you so bad tho, either dont play em, or just ignore em =)

^^^^ what he said

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Post by Blaaguuu » 25-07-2003 10:27

i dont play Deathball anymore.. but i had to put in my vote, jsut because i hate V3... some of the people on it are fine.. and i actaully ejoy their company. but i lost all respect for anyone as soon as they became affiliated with the clan... a couple of the members, such as Sin have alwaqys been annoying to the point of obsurdity... and very rude. most of this doesnt bother me.. as im a hard guy to annoy... but bragging abotu rapoign other clans is jsut stupid...

if SoP isnt the perfect clan for Mr Bodom.. fuck the mother fucker straight up the ass hole with a rusty fuckign pitch fork. i like SoP jsut fine. and an attack on it, or any of its members is a personal attack on me. and i dotn take kindly to that.

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Post by Axl » 25-07-2003 10:33

as much as i really dont care, if the vote was to swing towards kicking them out (which it looks like it is).. would bazzi/davidm actually do so?

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Post by Blaaguuu » 25-07-2003 10:46

TEZC-Axl wrote: as much as i really dont care, if the vote was to swing towards kicking them out (which it looks like it is).. would bazzi/davidm actually do so?

does it matter?

i think thsi thread is mostly to jsut make a point.

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Post by ThaGiMiC » 25-07-2003 10:58

Looks like ppl see reason for kicking them out of the league, but also keeping them in the league.

Am I right in thinking the reasons are:

Reason for Kicking:
Certain ppl dont get along with them, and they are said to be trouble makers??

Reason for Keeping:
Cos they are a good team, and with the DBL being possibly the best DB League, it makes sense to include the best teams??

Cant comment either way cos I've never seen or played against any V3 members. =|

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Post by [V3]Optimal » 25-07-2003 11:14

Surge, man. This is out of line. If you disrespect us, we will do the same back to you. Why don’t you tell everyone about your little “where’s the keeper at” joke. That you were taunting Bodom with. V3 likes to have fun. It’s that simple. We don’t boast about our victories. You only think we do. Because most of our victories are straight blow outs. And we can’t help that.

Our leadership is by no means lacking, as you put it. Bodom does an extremely good job running V3. If we had poor leadership then we wouldn’t be doing so good. And so what if we don’t have ops in the #ballers channel. V3 gets a long with a lot of players. Maybe not you, for such reasons as this post. I caught you and blitz trash talking to Bodom. If you are so good to the db community. Then why don’t you tell everyone the little childish remarks you were making towards him.

So it starts like this….

<M-surge> what keep?
<P-Blitz> we win kthx
<M-surge> seriosuly
<M-surge> did any 1 see a keep?

(mind you bodom was the keeper for the pug)

<[-SoP-]Surge> lol Bodom is so cut
<[-SoP-]Surge> he didnt even play
<[V3]Bodom> i had to be defense and keeper
<[-SoP-]Surge> he wasnt keeping
<[-SoP-]Surge> but then again
<[-SoP-]Surge> wheres the keep?
<[-SoP-]Surge> i dodnt see any keep?
<[V3]Bodom> surge dont you have some forum trolling to do?
<[V3]Bodom> its about time you start another thread on how we need to drastically change every aspect of DB to save it
<[-SoP-]Surge> « [V3]Bodom » omg i suck, i'm gonna go kill myself kthx
<[-SoP-]Surge> BF were some good guys
<[-SoP-]Surge> i was disapointed to see them quit
<[-SoP-]Surge> so were the WKD and TA guys
<[-SoP-]Surge> and what did we get out of all them quitting?
<[-SoP-]Surge> V3
<[V3]Xelent|zzz> shut the fuck up
<[V3]Bodom> you seem to think v3 someone formed from the collapse of WKD and TA
<[-SoP-]Surge> so is how much your mom charges for a blowjob
<[-SoP-]Surge> no
<[V3]Bodom> wow
<[V3]Bodom> thats original

So surge. How are you going to sound all high and mighty and down for the community when you said all that? If someone like you were to run this show, I’m sure it would die quick. Quit trying to make us look bad because you have a personal problem with V3. I was always cool to you surge. And you know that. But once you started in on your V3 bullshit, you lost my respect. And you asked for it.

BTW, Zanboo hasn’t been a part of V3 for a long time now. And when he supposedly hacked that website, he was still running L7. So why the hell are you trying to hold that against V3? You’ll use what ever possible story you can to degrade us, wont you?

I myself am not trying to do anything for the community, and I’m not trying to do anything bad to it either. I learned a long time ago that there are a lot of pricks that play DB. Most people said I had a bad attitude. But I never said something that someone didn’t have coming to them. V3 is far from a bunch of rejects from other broken up clans. V3 are the top players. We don’t use any cheap plays to our advantage. If it’s available to us, we will use it. It’s that simple.

Clans like RusH, NS and SoP had there chance to pick up players like myself. But they decided we were either not good enough or had bad attitudes. Well I guess that back fired. Because now all these people who weren’t good enough to begin with are blowing you guys out. And V3 as a whole has nothing to do with that remark. That is me just talking my mind. I myself gave all 3 of the clans the opportunity to have me play for them. And to tell you the truth it feels good to dominate them in game.

This is all bullshit anyway. Don’t ask for trouble and then complain when you get it. Grow the fuck up or stop playing DB.

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Post by Hoju » 25-07-2003 11:17

V3 has no class, they score bug goals, they abuse cheap tactics, and they spam pointless idiotic phrases. These are the reasons that almost the entire NA community doesn't like them for. Just the other day my clanmate Puck finished a pug game (pickup) where a couple of V3 members score blatantly on 2 shootbugs, one of which the keeper made no attempt to stop because he thought they were going to be fair and give the ball back. Puck then told them that they had no class and said what pretty much everyone thought, and what happens? [V3]Xelent bans him from the channel.

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Post by Requiem » 25-07-2003 11:32

Well, don't know the V3, only see them on forums, some are nice, some are .......special..

But whatever, the only thing that annoy me a bit is an US team in euro league, not by the fact that i'm scared, but because euro for euro teams, us league for us team....

Taking basketball for exemple, would it be nice to see SanAntonio Spurs playing in EuroLeague ? o_O

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Post by YoYo789 » 25-07-2003 11:38

but basketball is a US dominated sport, db is euro-dominated.

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Post by [V3]Sin » 25-07-2003 11:40

was a pug game hoju come on now:/ you know we give tha ball back in matches kthx

they abuse cheap tactics, and they spam pointless idiotic phrases

ok about cheap tactics your talking about that league game we tryed tha flying V play:O yeh i would be pissed to if a clan pulled that off, but its all in good fun and about idiotic spam binds, i use to abuse it but now i see rush ns sop along with tha whole NA community spaming pointless idiotic phrases too kthx