Formal Request for the Removal of V3 and DeeZ from the DBL

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Should V3/DeeZ be ejected from the DBL?

Yes, both
No, only DeeZ or V3, not both
Total votes: 111

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Post by {UFO}Viper » 26-07-2003 22:42

Infinism wrote: by the way Viper your sig rocks :lol:

:D :D

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Post by InSaNe » 26-07-2003 22:43

2 things, 1 i agree with Inf your sig rocks Viper :D

2 Bags post was 100% pwnage. Thanks dude.


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Post by KillerRebel » 26-07-2003 22:50

Bags!!! you will promptly be dealt with with the baby powder that you spoke of....

ps. i got the blonde in your sig viper ;)

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Post by Psyche » 26-07-2003 22:54

/me pimpslaps Bagsy, quit writing fuxing novels!!!! :)

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Post by BagsLee » 26-07-2003 22:58

lol sorry may

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Post by WTF-PWN » 27-07-2003 05:13

I think it's completely stupid to even request the removal of v3 for any reaon. I've never even seen them act unfairly in a match or any other organized game/event. The best DB games I've played have been with v3 scrims. We've lost some, won some, tied others. Regardless of ending, they were all fun and all definitly made our clan strive to get better. It sure as hell isnt going to make us all quit the game crying or ask for their removal. We just tied an awesome scrim with them now. And whoever was whining about them scoring on bugs or being unfair in matches is speaking complete bullshit. I've never seen them do anything like this and even in this scrim our goalie was suddenly disconnected while holding the ball and Bodom picked it up and tossed it to our defender. That's a good sport and also a good representative of his clan.

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Post by SilverDragon » 27-07-2003 06:35

Two infinite things in this world, the universe and fukin human stupidity.

P.S. Viper sig pwnage kthnx bi

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Post by Surge » 27-07-2003 07:21

it speaks for itself....
typical, cowardly V3 leader and lackeys.

Note: i'm also banned from their server after trying to join an open invitation pickup game.


and his PM after banning me:

[2:18am]« [V3]Bodom » ill unban you once i get a formal apology in my know where to reach me
[2:22am] <A-MyBallSackSurge> i got a better idea... how bout i give you the cyber finger, and you leave like you promised
[2:22am] <A-MyBallSackSurge> keep your word coward

and he thinks i should say sorry to him? for what? making a valid arguement which his clan turned into a flame fest?

the sad part is the poll... the majority still agrees that V3 should be kicked out and we all know full well Sin voted at least twice (note the 2 different accounts he used to post)
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Post by Archangel13 » 27-07-2003 07:23

Well, even some of V3's own members agree that some of their people are out of hand. Is that enough to ban them? No, not in my opinion. Listen, they are a great team, no one can deny that. But if you want to get the best of them, then do it where it counts, on the field. Just because they are good does not mean they are perfect. RUSH almost beat them recently, and I am sure that they could be beat in the future.

So get together, practice a lot, and then go kick their asses on the field, and save your crying for your pillow at night, because frankly, its getting old. I may not like V3 either, but I am not going to post any hate-mail to them. I just choose not to associate with those I consider to be a$$holes, and be kind to the rest, just like I would think they would do to others.


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Post by Blitz » 27-07-2003 09:08


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Post by Surge » 27-07-2003 09:17

After talking with GIB i finally came to the conclusion that this post was intended for.

I wanted to know what V3 does for the community and still havnt been given a straight answer. Obviously V3 are competators and they have a server we can use, but do we really want to play a bunch of jerks? I don't, and apparently a lot of others dont want to either.

I never got a straight answer to my question, which was the entire purpose. V3, in my, and many others, eyes do nothing to contribute to the community, only leech from it. We built the community adn made it grow till ~1.4b. After it was well established V3 showed up and said "were here, get used to it nubcake" and just continued living in a community they had no purpose being in. They didnt come in as 2-3 people, make a private channel, mingle in ballers for a while, get in touch with the other clan captains and ask for anything besides scrims.

They didnt come to socialize, they came to play. They may be winning sure, but are they really a part of the community? not really.

Thats the entire point. What V3 does is play DB. Whenever its social its about DB or some random topic that a V3 member (mostly Bodom) acts like hes the king over. We had a discussion about music a while ago and anything that wasnt up to Mr. Bodom's standards he insulted. Great social skills.

On the other hand, people like Xel and Bullet are great to talk with. They have other things to do besides bash what you like and such. They add to the community, but as a whole, we can only take so much "nubcake".

This post wasnt ment to be an insult to V3, and it was written not to be. GIB when talking to me even said he precieved it as an eye-opener, not a serious threat. Its not. Its a challenge Bodom issued to me that i did because i dont want V3 to continue what they're doing. I want them to mingle, i want them to be normal members of our community we already have built.

When you push, we push back. thats why V3 is so far from the community, especially "the cult" clans. We liked being social, we liked getting to know other clans. We liked the concept of that even if you beat them your still their friend. Maybe its time V3 stopped playing and stopped by for some pillow talk. We don;t want to feel angrey towards you, we just dont want you to continue what your doing like nothings wrong...

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Post by Wet*pussy » 27-07-2003 09:25

hassen Sie nicht mich gewinnen kthx whos FOLGENDES!!!!!

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Post by Dazlin » 27-07-2003 09:48

Surge wrote: This post wasn’t ment to be an insult to V3, and it was written not to be.

Surge a quick tip if you make a post saying get rid of a clan you cant really not call it an insult can you?

Think about it if, I made a post saying get rid of surge you wouldn’t go oh that’s ok its not an insult... no matter how clever your words are it is always gona be an insult

I gtg pigup :(

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Post by [TA]_Zinh » 27-07-2003 10:22

Surge wrote: You see TA or WKD around anymore? I sure dont and i know jerks like V3 completely spanked them in all league matches and scrims they ever played against them. This is extremely discoureging even if your liked by others in the community.

In TA's defence we didnt stop playing because we got our asses handed to us(though we did 7/10 times) it was because this mod ceased to be fun after 1.4 or so. Deathball is a dead mod KTHX move the fuck on.

Ok done :p

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Post by YoYo789 » 27-07-2003 10:28

hmm... what else is there... all the current mods (apart from deathball) are in beta or just plain suck. normal ut2k3 is a crap game.

so its deathball or non-ut2k3.