[Tale] Vikero and the Clan Hoping

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[Tale] Vikero and the Clan Hoping

Post by [GR]Kermit » 27-12-2003 17:19

So little children let me tell you the tale about Vikero, the Clan Hopper. :p

We begin with the day when he gets thrown out of 3dg. After that he went to RøV, dropped out and rejoined RøV. After RøV came firestorm and p2.
After the that station of his Clan Hopping life he tried to get with the nick Ch4pter back to 3dg.

But we are from so we are not stupid and we checked the idents of Ch4pter and Vikero
Ch4pter: sgtrsrg@p3EE3D042.dip.t-dialin.net
Vikero: sgtrsrg@pC19F57A9.dip.t-dialin.net

Then he tried it under the nick Ma3a but Hugi regoinzed Vikero and the 3dg Anti Clan Hopping Team scored.

Then Vikero tried it on a new way: founding a own clan
http://forums.gameservers.net/showthrea ... eadid=6411
3 hours later the clan was dead >_<

On the same date he joined Zy and 2 hours later he left.
2 clans in 10 hours. New Record!!!!

THen he tried it with the nick Chro_Ome, but again the same ident

Another Try:
http://forums.gameservers.net/showthrea ... eadid=6494

[16:57] * V1k3Ro is now known as V1k3Ro|FCU
Same day:
[17:18] search a clan qry me [AMSG]


21:34:42] *** Now talking in #p2-clan
[21:34:42] *** Topic is 'Spruch des Tages--->[17:21] V1k3Ro> ich war es der rov zu ruhm gebracht hat o/'
[21:34:42] *** Set by p2CaPoNe on Fri Sep 19 17:22:57

Translation: Quote of the day: --->[17:21] V1k3Ro> I was the who gave RøV the glory.

Okay Vikero learned from his tries and change his name into Honix and changed his ident:

But hugi made a Chan list on another try of Vikero:
Channels: +#ro-viperz +#p2-clan #nerdpower #firestorm #deus.db #deathball #dbpickup #db-phoenix #badct.db +#Angels^ #Adults-Ownly #acclan +#3dg +#=kex= +#{FCU}

So we compared the chan lists:
+#3dg +#fattys +#damn +#ro-viperz +#p2-clan +#deus.db #deathball #dbpickup +#{FCU}


We made a train game against him and he said: "armes esk"
But how he could that esk is female?? Honix == n00b
weird :confused:
Hugi talked with him. Again Vikero....

Then he went away from 3dg to D@MN. :noob:
We talked with heretic.....

From D@MN to fs again. then that:
http://forums.gameservers.net/showthrea ... eadid=7474

Then he tried it with the regler

@ #regler.db

«12:50:33» {+V1k3Ro|clanless} anyone here from this clan?
«12:53:18» {+V1k3Ro|clanless} i want to join
«12:53:20» {+V1k3Ro|clanless}
«12:56:38» {+V1k3Ro|clanless} hmm
«12:56:44» {+V1k3Ro|clanless} wieso net joinen?
«12:56:48» {+V1k3Ro|clanless} is ja shit

then: FCU --> Esports --> Clanless

(12:33:53) (FloWeR) hello
(12:33:57) (FloWeR) im new here in db
(12:34:22) (FloWeR) tell me clans who need players! plz

(12:35:27) —› FloWeR is "ef" (mudda@p3E9D494B.dip.t-dialin.net)
(12:35:27) —› FloWeR is authed as "HoniX"
(12:35:27) —› FloWeR voiced in #ut.clan23
(12:35:27) —› FloWeR reg in #dbpickup #disasterpeaces #fattys
(12:35:27) —› FloWeR using *.quakenet.org (QuakeNet IRC Server)
(12:35:27) —› FloWeR has been idle for 1min 2secs
(12:35:27) —› FloWeR signed on 6mins 11secs ago
(12:35:27) (( /whois end ))

(12:37:58) —› nick: (FloWeR) is now known as (Vikero`DB)
(12:37:59) (Vikero`DB) (reason: 12:37:46 Deathball)
(12:38:47) —› nick: (Vikero`DB) is now known as (FloW3r)
(12:38:54) —› nick: (FloW3r) is now known as (FloW3r`DB)
(12:38:54) (FloW3r`DB) (reason: 12:38:42 Deathball)
(12:39:20) —› nick: (FloW3r`DB) is now known as (FloW3r)
(12:39:44) —› quit: (FloW3r) (mudda@p3E9D494B.dip.t-dialin.net) (Signed off)
(12:39:46) —› quit: (Vikero`-) (V1k3Ro_-@p3E9D494B.dip.t-dialin.net) (Signed off)



(12:41:16) (+[RoV]Apo|iLL) some1 ban ]A51[FloW3r for leaving a pick up

(12:41:26) —› ]A51[FloW3r is "ef" (mudda@p3EE3AF3D.dip.t-dialin.net)
(12:41:26) —› ]A51[FloW3r is authed as "HoniX"
(12:41:26) —› ]A51[FloW3r opped in #a51-clan
(12:41:26) —› ]A51[FloW3r voiced in #DBpickup #disasterpeaces #ut.clan23
(12:41:26) —› ]A51[FloW3r reg in #fattys
(12:41:26) —› ]A51[FloW3r using *.quakenet.org (QuakeNet IRC Server)
(12:41:26) —› ]A51[FloW3r has been idle for 29secs
(12:41:26) —› ]A51[FloW3r signed on 28mins 33secs ago
(12:41:26) (( /whois end )

You said 4 Clans Vikero.
Let me Count.
9 differnt Clans and 12 hoppings in 3 months!

(countings are maybe wrong i'm a math :noob: )

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Post by Sina » 27-12-2003 17:20


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Post by HookR » 27-12-2003 17:23

Nice investigation dude!:p

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Post by speedy » 27-12-2003 17:26


like the fakers :p

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Post by IchbinderPeter » 27-12-2003 17:34

lol. n1 he deserves the crown

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Post by Kr4ng » 27-12-2003 17:39

rofl owned

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Post by [1234]Jr » 27-12-2003 17:47

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Nice :D

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Post by V1k3Ro » 27-12-2003 17:49

:D thx kermit anyone should say it !
i think its funny !

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Post by [V3]Cajubski » 27-12-2003 17:49

^ owned

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Post by [GR]Kermit » 27-12-2003 17:55

(17:48:15) (]A51[FloW3r`DB) na und?
(17:48:25) (]A51[FloW3r`DB) mir doch egal
(17:48:30) (]A51[FloW3r`DB) is doch lustig
(17:50:21) (]A51[FloW3r`DB) du kannst schreiben was du willst
(17:50:30) (]A51[FloW3r`DB) is mir vollkommen egal
(17:50:47) (]A51[FloW3r`DB) ihr von 3dg seit eh nur penner
(17:51:00) (]A51[FloW3r`DB) mach was du willst

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Post by Ker]v[et » 27-12-2003 18:03

would be boring without clanhoppers and the clans who take him everytime again in theire clans :D

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Post by V1k3Ro » 27-12-2003 18:03

[3dg]Kermit11]: hast du dir schon nen neuen nick überlegt?`
A51[FloW3r11]: hä?
A51[FloW3r11]: kannst du nicht lesen?
3dg]Kermit11]: doch ich kanns, aber lese mal den thread genau
A51[FloW3r11]: wieso`?
3dg]Kermit11]: du wirst doch wieder kommen \o/
A51[FloW3r11]: nö
A51[FloW3r11]: addest du das auch ?
3dg]Kermit11]: och nein das darfst du nicht

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Post by Sixty » 27-12-2003 18:04

Sina, dint 'Ch4pter' joined AC|M for a while?

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Post by Rens2Sea » 27-12-2003 18:11