Frequently Asked Questions [14-09-2004]

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Frequently Asked Questions

Post by makush » 13-05-2004 09:59

Q: What should I do if 1) Deathball claims that I have an invalid CD-key, although my key is working with regular UT2004
2) there's no Deathball gametype in server list/botmatch screen
3) I try to launch Deathball, but regular UT2004 starts
4) I get 'unable to find class Deathball' error?

A: First of all, make sure you have the latest UT2k4 patch! Then try deleting UT2004\Deathball\System\Deathball.ini and UT2004\Deathball\System\DeathballUser.ini. If you still get the error, backup your ut2004\system\ut2004.ini and ut2004\system\user.ini and delete them from the system folder. Make also sure that you DO NOT delete UT2004\System\Default.ini!

Q: What is boosting?

Boosting is hitting other players with hammer so that they can move faster.

Q: Where I can hang out with other Deathball players?

A: Get to our IRC (whatis?) channels. Please find more information from Deathball IRC guide.

Q: What is the command to launch Deathball from external program, e.g. All-Seeing-Eye?

A: C:\UT2004\System\ut2004.exe -Mod=Deathball
(When C:\UT2004 is the location of your UT2004 installation)

Q: When I join a server it starts to sending a map that I have already have. Why is that?

A: Server just has different version of that map. In case you have the latest version of Deathball, server probably has still an old version.

Q: How can I run a Deathball server?

A: Remember that if your server is setup by your server provider (E.g. you need to ask them to launch UT2004 with "-mod=Deathball" switch. For more information take a look at these links:

Q: Why everybody is so hostile to me when playing in a Deathball server?

A: Deathball depends greatly on teamplay and it's hard for many to understand that not everyone are immediately great players. On the other hand, it will spoil the game for everyone if there's somebody who has no clue about the game. Therefore, it's recommended to learn some basics first before entering an online server. Please play few matches offline and go through stuff found at Deathball home page.


Please post your questions here. They will be answered... eventually. :)
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Post by Sgt_Ballbreaker » 09-10-2004 21:28

Q: I am getting owned by that annoying GayvidM. Can you give me any hints how I can beat him?

If your getting owned by davidm you are beyond help, please uninstall deathball.

only kidding :)

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Post by fb.shev » 11-10-2004 20:50

no, u shouldnt kid

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Post by Orbitul » 15-10-2004 01:28

Q: Will the new pass-code that makes it so a ball goes sputtering across the floor when passed to a jumping player be fixed? :hmmmz:

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Post by Bounty » 15-10-2004 04:35

I think he DIDNT want you to be able to pass to a flying player. Just wait til he lands.

and don't get pwnt by the ball

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Post by l0afz » 15-10-2004 07:09

why not? I'm pretty sure it was an accident with the passing code, because it was MEANT to go straight to you when jumping, not a little under (so you can do the 3 jump lame trick)

But now when you pass in the air, it rolls along the floor...

GG for people that just want to catch ball in the air :/

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Post by TeTr1C » 18-10-2004 14:32

GG- Means "good game" and is usually used in a sarcastic manner when you screw up a set, pass, etc.


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Post by TeTr1C » 18-10-2004 14:35

And where did "\o/" and "/o\" originate from?

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Post by StRaFe » 17-11-2004 10:58

wtf is the 2.3 beeping about? :rolleyes:

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Post by InSaNe` » 01-02-2005 23:31

What happens if your DB refuses to load, and just gives you a black screen?

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Post by speedy » 02-02-2005 00:26

format your hard drive :p

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Post by hamsum_j0jubi » 01-03-2005 09:21

Hi I'm totally new to deathball.

The webpage says all I need to play is just to download the 83mb setup file and play?

I can't find deathball.exe under my C:\UT2000
or do I need to purchase something first?:eek:

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Post by Koning_Floris » 01-03-2005 11:15

I suggest you donate money to me and look in your "C:\UT2004\deathball\" directory for a file named "Play Deathball.cmd" or

Both of these should start deathball.

(I assume the C:\2000 was a type for C:\2004)

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Post by hamsum_j0jubi » 02-03-2005 04:25

I tried those files already. But they give me an error message saying "missing default.ini" and tells me to reinstall db. Now that i've reinstalled it, it's still giving me that same error message.

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Post by super_dude78000 » 05-03-2005 04:01

where do i get more items to customize my model?