NADBL Season 1

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NADBL Season 1

Post by Fooman » 14-01-2005 07:10

We have had a great first season at NADBL and this will get you up to date. The first regular season is over and the playoffs are on the way.

NS(9-1) has had a great season and are on a first round bye, as is UFO Omega(8-2). RusH(2-8) play C4C(3-7) in the first round and UFO Alpha(7-3) take on BuD(1-9).

Regular Season Results

Playoff Bracket

The league office handed out awards for great performances over the course of the entire season. Most Valuable Player and Rookie of the Year were determined by the league office.

Regular Season Awards

We will have an All-Star Game soon with the best of the best. All-Stars were voted on by their peers.

All-Star Selections

Our stat system tracks individual player stats and also calculates an offensive and defensive rating for each player. It's not perfect, but it's getting there.

Stats Table

Lots of great stuff happening and we are looking forward to season 2.

NADBL Website
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Post by EsorcismoNJD » 14-01-2005 20:03

You can also hear the game called by me and Ruumis online, will post directions later how to access it.

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Post by l0afz » 14-01-2005 20:25

Rookie of the year lol, I like it. Even though a year is way more than enough to learn how to play DB :p

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Post by Inphidel » 14-01-2005 21:19

well its only a year the first time through, :) cuz we've been waiting on having a league forever, now it'll be rookie of the season o/

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Post by InSaNe` » 15-01-2005 06:29

Rookie of the year is a big lol.

\o/ Congrats Inph \o/

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Post by Fooman » 20-01-2005 01:14

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Post by R3L!K » 20-01-2005 01:26

understatement of the year :


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Post by Messy » 22-01-2005 00:58

Big lol! \o/
EarthJam wrote: We are not looking for young boys to solve OUR problems or safice our needs Twisted Evil .

ew >_<

ps: doesn't smoking weed make you slower == worse at saving shots? :(
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Post by theberkin8or » 22-01-2005 15:04

foo has way to much time on his hands :-x

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Post by mannyfresh027 » 25-01-2005 21:44


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Post by `Ghost` » 28-01-2005 01:02

go NS \o/

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Post by priior » 28-01-2005 15:14


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Post by Fooman » 31-01-2005 04:25

RusH will play UFO Omega in the NADBL Championship Game

UFO Alpha - 4
UFO Omega - 5

Apparently a great match between the UFO sister teams leading into overtime! Tyril with the game winning goal. Congratulations OMEGA moves onto the final round! Good Luck!

RusH - 6
NS - 5

The regular season champions, NS, got to a 2-0 lead, but RusH came back to win in OT. This was a classic back and forth match between 2 great teams. Scott scored the game winner with a volley about 4 minutes into OT.

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Post by `Ghost` » 31-01-2005 11:40

WHAT - THE - @$%!

how could you NS ):

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Post by Catalyst88 » 31-01-2005 11:43

Because RusH pwn and we're going to win the final ;)

EDIT: yeah golden goal :p
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