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Posted: 23-03-2006 19:53
by Twigstir
It’s 3 on 3 in a small maps. If you feel compelled to shoot, you’re an egotistical lamer. It’s as clear as that.

Shin was nice enough to set up a ladder and invite you to play. It’s VO and not all about you. Who cares if you can shoot and beat the keeper. If your up for a challenge and want to play a more team oriented style of play, then join in. If not, that’s fine to.

The NA pubs lasted a lot longer than the Euro pubs. But egotistical lamers played a major role in killing that off. If it’s 70% easier to be lame, you get a whole lot more lameness and a whole lot less people playing. It’s egotistical lamers that ruin. Shooting is fun but, lameness trumps it.

The NA players wanted it VO for obvious reasons. Shin was being nice. There is no reason to disrespect him.

Posted: 23-03-2006 21:58
by Imaginos
Well spoken, Twig.

Plus, I can't believe all the attitude I get for playing Gib with Max. We play gib for the same exact reason.

Plus we play a particular map to make it even harder to score. It's perfect for an intense one-on-one in that conservative defense is very hard to beat. The match takes on an air of sparring and for us, it's a lot of fun.

Fortunately, noone hears us on teamspeak when someone joins our match and demands we change it to something they want to play instead.

Posted: 24-03-2006 12:15
by The_One
Gibball used to be fun but it's been ruined for HPBs now. :'(

Posted: 25-03-2006 17:55
by InSaNe`
The reason we 3v3 VO is because many of us miss the days where we could 3v3 VO in pubs (for those who remember, rush vo sunday) and play a serious 5v5 match afterwards. Not only that but we always play 5v5 mixers in the same boring map. Any change at this point is welcomed, even if it is 3v3 VO.

Posted: 26-03-2006 17:58
by Imaginos
I have to agree.. HPBs have always been at a disadvantage in GB when the shield is so unforgiving/ball position matters.

I still love it though. When my ping is out of tolerance I won't play it either. Max and I usually get in there for really good one on one games. -- The goals are small, it's a great challenge and hell.. we both loves us some killin'. (stress relief)

Often people will show up and then we're cool about switching to reg if there's demand for it. Not DURING our match though dammit.. some peeps.. sheesh.

Posted: 28-03-2006 19:21
by Shinobi
Gibball is my favorite gameplay, I used to hate it a year ago but now I love it and I'm still getting better at it :)

Posted: 29-03-2006 14:00
by Messy
Twigstir wrote: It’s 3 on 3 in a small maps. If you feel compelled to shoot, you’re an egotistical lamer. It’s as clear as that.

So basically if the keeper is blocking the other guy (remember the large radius a keeper can have for intercepting, dodge + volley :)) all you can do is die or pass back?

..I'd rather place a well-aimed shot :) They're not very hard to save but a good one might go in on a lot of keepers.
Maybe you should say this stuff again when american keepers get better at 2.4 :x

VO creates a dumbed down version with less options.
You have to remember 'reg' doesn't mean 'shooting only' :) You just have the option for it, which makes it a bit harder for defence and keepers :)

It's a bit too easy when you know what to expect :x

ps: If egoing is the argument for VO, why don't you use 'Self-volleys Only'?

"Because you have no other choice sometimes"? Exactly. :)

Posted: 30-03-2006 04:10
by Twigstir
Messy wrote:
It's a bit too easy when you know what to expect :x
Oh your so right, we have soo many non-scoring VO games it's not funny. :rolleyes: It's such an easy time for defenders and keepers on these for fun VO games, that even a new or poor keeper can always keep it low scoring. :confused: It's just too darn hard to get open and find yourself one on one with the keeper in 3v3.

I see the light, why would you want to encourage players to be creative in a restricted enviornment and have most games fun and competitive. Loopsided obominations are where the real fun lies for everyone. The NA pubs died because everyone was having too much fun. Getting pwned time after time after time or watching someone get pwned time after time after time. There is nothing better than a good old fashion annihilation. Too bad the NA players could handle that much fun. ::Pfffff::

P.S. Avoiding/limiting ruined games, involving as many players as possible, and having competitive fun is the reason for VO in terms of 3v3 small maps.

Posted: 30-03-2006 07:32
by speedy
vo sucks

Posted: 30-03-2006 20:36
by Imaginos
speedy wrote: I don't enjoy vo

Fixed your typo for ya.

Posted: 31-03-2006 12:32
by Messy
Twig, if it's about being creative, why do it in a restricted environment? :rolleyes:

I don't mind you playing VO, and I'm definitely glad to hear you enjoy it ;)
I play VO a lot myself, even though I like it far less than reg; this is a personal preference.

What I did definitely not like was you stating anyone that used a shot was an egotistical lamer :\ (which is why I quoted that ;p and not your entire post)
That's extremely superficial, and if that was your reasoning behind VO I wonder why you don't use 'Only team volley goals'?

Posted: 31-03-2006 22:29
by Twigstir
Messy, of course that statement you quoted is not 100 percent pure but, it's close.

Shin was nice enough to invite others to join in a 3v3 VO ladder. What did he get for his trouble. VO sucks, it makes me cry, it's stupid and ruins the game, it's a dumbed down version, ect...

This is 3v3 where being open one on one with the keeper is going to happen often and loopsided attacks are common. And Basicly a bunch of people are saying that shooting is the only way to have fun in that enviornment.

The above doesn't even take note of opening up the game to people of different skill levels. Your going to be in the above enviornment against both good and poor keepers. And don't forget the ladder feeds off of 3v3 mixers.

VO is about everything as a whole. Don't you hate a person who never goes back on D and never passes? Under what situations can these players have the greatest impact? If you can understand that, then you can see just one of the reasons why the NA does 3v3 VO.

Put it all together. This is about everything, think about the 3v3 community as a whole, and not just a single match. From my 1st post "It’s egotistical lamers that ruin. Shooting is fun but, lameness trumps it." Sure, not every single shot in a 3v3 would be lame. But I said "It’s 3 on 3 in a small maps. If you feel compelled to shoot, you’re an egotistical lamer."

I'm not in the 3v3 ladder. In fact, when I made my first post I'd never been in a 3v3 mixer. I find 3v3 VO too egotistical and too hard for new and lesser skilled players to enjoy. I'd rather see 4v4 small map games as the change from normal 5v5 big map mixers.

I don't mind a 3v3 VO game once in a while. They don't get ruined nowhere near as much as REG 3v3 would. And even a poorless keeper like me (joystick and no dodge) can play, have fun, and not total ruin.

Messy, Sure "only team volleys goals" would get rid of egos. VO only limits it. I didn't make the call but, just going to VO seems to work well for the NA providing fun for as many people as possible.

Posted: 01-04-2006 16:50
by Imaginos
I support it in that it keeps people playing even with too few players for a full game.
Beginners may come and go and not get a taste of the real sport until they 4on4 or 5on5, but it is a game that is at least being played for public to see.