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Deathball 3v3 VO Private Ladder

Posted: 12-03-2006 22:39
by Shinobi
I created a 3v3 VO private ladder on FraggedNation. You need to sign up with fraggednation first than you can join the ladder in this page:

Here is the password to join a team or create one: pw= otstayaway

If you have any problems either registering with FN or create/join a team, you can just pm me here in lagfrag or on IRC.

Btw for the teams, a minimum of 3 players and each team should have at least 1 captain(you can have 3 captains if you want).The games will probably be held only in the BW server( pw= mixer).

So far I have NewOldSmallCube and SmallEnclosure as maps, the machine chooses the map randomly after a game has been scheduled.
If you want other maps just let me know.

I hope you'll join and like it :p

Posted: 12-03-2006 23:38
by Shinobi
1- Game is Volley Only

2- 5 Players Maximum per team

Only 5 players max are allowed per team, if someone wants to leave the team he should contact his captain.A replacement is of course allowed then.

3- No Spamming or Insulting other team members or even teammates

Please respect the others and don't spam unless you really have to(asking for pause, someone is afk,...etc).

4- Only players on a team's roster may play in that team's matches

5- In-match tags must be the same for all players of a team

6- Shortnames must clearly identify the player

Aliasing is not allowed during matches.

7- Teams should be allowed at least one spectator during a match, to act as substitute if a team player is having connection problems

8- Telefragging the enemy keeper in celebration mode is illegal

9- All complaints about rule disobedience must have proof! A demo or a screen shot. Complaints must be filed ASAP

10- Game End

Ties are not in effect. Overtime/Golden Goal rules are in effect here.
Matches must have the time limit of 20 minutes, no mercy, play all 20 minutes.

Posted: 14-03-2006 10:23
by DavidM
VO? then not :(
deathball with VO has no niveau imo.
get us a proper one and we are in.

Posted: 14-03-2006 14:55
by Messy
What? :(

I was excited reading this, but rereading and finding out it was VO just made me cry :'(

Posted: 14-03-2006 20:08
by Shinobi
This is a 3v3 VO style ladder yes but don't be surprised if I start an all-around 5v5 REG Deathball ladder soon ;)

I want everybody to be happy :)

Posted: 14-03-2006 22:44
by Imaginos
Know what would make me happy?

Posted: 14-03-2006 22:49
by Messy
That would make me quite happy shin ;)

Posted: 15-03-2006 10:35
by Catalyst
To be fair, the reason that 3v3 is VO in NA is to differentiate it from 5v5 - 5v5 takes major precedence over 3v3s since it was one of the factors in 5v5 dying in euro land...

Posted: 15-03-2006 11:57
by The_One
VO and 3v3 are a symptom, not a cause.

Posted: 15-03-2006 16:31
by Catalyst
To an extent I agree, but in terms of getting games started in #dbpickup, having the 3v3s in the same channel as the 5v5s meant that the impatient people just cancelled 5v5s whenever there weren't enough people quickly enough available.

Posted: 15-03-2006 18:12
by The_One
The impetus has left with the DB team. I can't see much changing. If only there was another first-person sports game actively being developed.

Posted: 16-03-2006 00:38
by fb.shev
shinobi, i can comfortably bet my life that a 5v5 league for euro's wouldnt work. 3v3 wont work either when theres only one shit clan that uses up 2 members for no reason cuz they are bumfags (joke, but comeon).

and drop the VO

Posted: 18-03-2006 16:46
by Messy
I know I'm POO's bumfag, but who's the other one? ;p

I'd definitely be all for joining an American ladder (though David probably won't -.-) if it wasn't VO :o

Atm I don't even care about getting owned with 130 ping, I just want to play a ladder :D

Posted: 23-03-2006 07:40
by Shinobi
knowing that it's a 2.3 DB ladder and that it's harder to score on VO than in REG I thought it was better this way.

All 3v3s are played VO in #db3v3.

It was the players' choice not mine(i'm not even participating btw).

Posted: 23-03-2006 11:10
by DavidM
it's only harder to score, because you take away 70% of all possibilites. shrinking db down to a hand full of moves.
AND if VO is on, the keeper doesn't even need to be in the goal to save shots. instead he goes out and marks people.

nah, when you get down to it, VO is stupid and ruins the game :/