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2.4 beta...?

Posted: 30-04-2006 14:37
by Messy
Imaginos wrote: David, you might want to touch up the front page to make it a little more clear that the 2.4 is a beta Beta BETA BETA BETA
And that the 2.3 version is the feature complete one they should download.

Ker]v[et wrote: DB still needs to be a straith version like 2.5 (or something)
thats what i think

There's been a lot of comments like this lately and throughout the existence of 2.4..

But is 2.4 still actually a beta?
It's definitely playable imo (and in a lot of other people's opinions as well), and adding more changes would make this a 2.5 rather than a 2.4

It seems rather odd to me that while 2.4 has been greatly improving (not only in terms of bugfixes etc. throughout the -b and -c development, but also in how people have learnt to play it); people are still largely denying it's existence because it's a beta - in fact, the entire NA community is still stuck in the past ;).

Maybe I'm a bit in the dark here, but the gameplay seems fairly balanced, 2.4 seems stable; it all seems good to me:

So what should be fixed, or added to make 2.4 a full version rather than a beta? (besides putting it in a single package so you don't need to download 2.3 etc.)

I would definitely like to know from you guys, and maybe the development team (erm..Weisso, Croaker and David?) will be able to do something with it.
There's a definite spark of new interest, so this seems the perfect timing to release a full 2.4 ;)

Posted: 30-04-2006 15:06
by fb.shev
exactly what i stated before :)

- Spawn points for cube?
- the Walls NEED something doing to them
- Will we see karmaball?

anything else needed to make for a full version?

Posted: 30-04-2006 15:45
by Messy
- Conversion of old maps (I would love to play on nov and greenbaize with proper goals :))

Posted: 30-04-2006 16:41
by Imaginos
Big issue was people complaining about the SP gameplay is not so good in the Beta. People playing it only on live servers aren't viewing it as important.

Posted: 30-04-2006 18:06
by Messy
I wonder how easily fixable single-player is.'s an underestimated feature I think :o so it definitely shouldn't be removed..but fixing is probably difficult :(

also, imo:

- Remove VO ;)

Not sure about this one /o\ but it's largely demotivating :| and 100% of the pub servers (in euroland) have it on :|
Because people somehow tricked themselves into liking it..and then they taught everyone else to play VO from the start.

..and then those people made only VO servers and everyone else just learnt to play VO..


Posted: 30-04-2006 18:16
by DavidM
its beta as long as the singleplayer mode is far away from being playable

Posted: 30-04-2006 22:06
by Shinobi
I think the NA community is too hard headed to change to anything but 2.3 now.

Posted: 30-04-2006 22:24
by Messy
I think the NA community is too hard headed to change now.

Posted: 01-05-2006 00:05
by `Ghost`

Posted: 01-05-2006 01:10
by fb.shev
GHOST YOUR A FUwdalk traitor

Posted: 01-05-2006 09:14
by `Ghost`
What the hell crawled up your ass

Posted: 02-05-2006 16:21
by Catalyst
The 2.4 skillset is different from the 2.3 set. They're different games. That's the reason I prefer 2.3 - it's just more fun in my opinion :)

Posted: 02-05-2006 17:23
by DavidM
thats exactly the prob with the 2.3ers..they judge 2.4 after a handfull of matches and dont really know at all how it plays :o
hearing that out of every single comment

Posted: 02-05-2006 17:52
by Morning*Star
From what I've played of 2.4 it's all about fizzing lmb passes/shots around hoping someone will volley it in the net whilst their keeper is half asleep, it's playable but I much prefer 2.3.

Posted: 02-05-2006 18:04
by DavidM
to be honest...there is a lot more. just people don't see it all yet. rmb is a mighty tool if properly used