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about 2.4c

Posted: 13-05-2006 17:48
by Mr.Rino
Well, after playing 2.4c a lot, i came to the conclusion:
2.4 is really boring. I mean, i saw improvements like bounce (ATLfire pressed) works much better. But the catch\volley radius is too big and this makes offense so boring... Seems it's all about full charge cross \ shots... I'm not saying that we should back to 2.3 radius, but probably a good half way would be the best solution.

Basically, i can see imprevements, but playing it is more boring than before. In 1.9b you had many ways to score...

That's just my opinion :)

Posted: 13-05-2006 19:36
by fb.shev
agree, just playing 2.3 as we i type (im genius). and 2.3 is far better. shit ALITTLE more radius and voilá.

Posted: 13-05-2006 23:12
by DavidM
2.4 has issues, sure. but saying 2.3 has more possibilites is ridiculous imo :o

more unfair gameplay mechanics...thats what it has.

Posted: 13-05-2006 23:25
by Ker]v[et
point is, we want a version to play :p (and as we know not much like playing the 2.4beta's)

and 2.5 takes years as it seems atm


Posted: 14-05-2006 15:10
by Ashleh
1.9b !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: 14-05-2006 17:38
by fb.shev
Ashleh wrote: 1.9b !!!!!!!!!!!!!
only if......

2.5 = 2.3 with bug fixes, alittle more radius maybe and karma \o/

oh and all that 1.9b had.

Posted: 14-05-2006 20:18
by Messy
Stop trying to pretend you're in the development team \o.

2.5 = 0.9 with volleys and horseplay.

<3 Homing passes
<3 Chrisfu

Posted: 14-05-2006 23:12
by fb.shev
im not im recommending. 2.4 is so crap compared to 2.3, after switching back recently....needs to change davidm, huge goals are gay :\

Posted: 15-05-2006 01:20
by Imaginos
I found 2.4 to be a lot of fun and it should continue with development. I do have an issue with it though. People who visit see the news post for the latest version and assume all servers are running it. Over the past few days I've watched people attempt to connect to my server while there were games in progress and they fail to connect. Some retry a few times, some don't.
I'm going to take a guess here and say it is probably version mismatches slapping them down. The front page doesn't warn them to see if a server is 2.3 or 2.4x and they may just get frustrated and give up when all the best pinging DB servers won't let them in.

Posted: 15-05-2006 20:14
by Mr.Rino
Ok a little update of my mind. I think 2.4 has some nice improvements, like Bounce works 200% better. But what is really silly is the bounce radius (when the ball hit a player) and of course the Volley \ catch radius, TOO BIG!! Really too big. Ok keeper now becomes nicer, so leave the big radius only for keeper , and bring it back for normal players. That's my idea :)

Posted: 15-05-2006 22:41
by DavidM
its funny.... the volley radius is exactly the same as in all previous versions ;)

make the radius small again = shoot from everywhere, because you cannot block any shots. GG you ;)

and biggest problem in 2.3 (etc) is the delay crap. you cannot volley any enemy ball in the first 0.5 seconds. you are totally lost. nothing but unfair :o

nvm! :)

Posted: 16-05-2006 04:01
by Imaginos
I've never been cool with holding altfire and running around. IMHO, if you are going to hold that and gain the ability to bounce/deflect a radius bigger than your body, you should give up a little speed/jump height to do so. Otherwise, being on D means toggle altfire=true.
That's the difference between a flat out, arms pumping run and waving them all over trying to block. Makes sense to me.
Someone holding altfire (some call it rmb) should move at exactly the same speed as a ballcarrier.

Posted: 16-05-2006 08:51
by DavidM
holding rmb doesnt help you at all. it doesnt make any radius bigger!!!!!
this was a bug in one older version...end of story. i dunno why people still believe in this fairytale and run around holding RMB...
it ONLY prevents you from catching the ball...thats it.

if you hold rmb...your fault.

Posted: 16-05-2006 20:30
by Mr.Rino
Yes i didn't mean the volley radius, but the catch radius is too big imho. The crap delay now is gone, i'm glad of this. But the catch radius is too big imho \o :)

Posted: 16-05-2006 20:32
by DavidM
the catch radius is the same as before ;)
it didnt change over the last few years.

get to know what you are talking about, then come back, sir